Receba! Glove de Pedreiro realizes ‘dream’ and finds Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the biggest internet phenomena in recent years, the influencer Luva de Pedreiro published a video on social networks meeting the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. In the images, the young man uses his famous catchphrases “Si, receba” and hugs the Al Nassr player, from Saudi Arabia.

On his Instagram, Luva treated the moment as a dream come true and thanked his fans for all their support along his path.

“I first want to thank God for all of this and then you, my troops. After all the difficulties I went through, I walked more than 10km on foot to post a video and my cell phone didn’t have the memory to record them. And today, getting where I got is something unbelievable. I fulfilled my dream, which was to meet Cristiano Ronaldo, where I thought it would be impossible. For the people who follow me, you know that he was always my inspiration and what happened to me serves as an example for all of you, don’t give up on his dreams. Receive!”, wrote the influencer.


Glove de Pedreiro “broke” the internet in 2021 with his videos in the dirt field

Iran Ferreira, the Bahian known as Luva de Pedreiro, became known on the internet by recording, in a simple way, goals scored on a dirt field and shouting his catchphrases “Receba!”, “Si (inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo) and “Thanks be to God, Father.”

The nickname came from his improvised construction gloves – the young man wanted to look like the players who play with gloves in the cold of Europe.

Target of attacks at the beginning of its trajectory for its simplicity, Luva won social networks with its phrases, reproduced by players and influencers from all over the world. On TikTok, Iran has 24 million followers and 416 million likes, while on Instagram it has more than 20 million – in both, the Brazilian football influencer with the most followers.

Recently, the Brazilian went viral when he played video games with Norwegian star Erling Haaland. At the time, he was defeated by 7 x 2 in the game “EA Sports 24”, the former FIFA.