Rosé And A Series Of Great Achievements, Worthy Of The Title ‘Stage Queen’ Of Blackpink

Not only working with BLACKPINK, Rosé also has an outstanding personal career. Currently, the female idol does not limit herself to the music industry, she also bombards the fashion and advertising fields.

After being promoted in the fashion industry by YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK members quickly obtained many valuable contracts. In it, Rosé became the first Global Ambassador of the  Saint Laurent  brand since its founding in 1961. Since then, the female idol has had many opportunities to appear at events, on covers. famous magazine. Thanks to Saint Laurent, Rosé is also the first and only member of BLACKPINK to attend the Met Gala.


Rosé is the first Korean artist selected as the Global Ambassador of Tiffany & Co. She is also the first female idol to own the largest global campaign of this luxury jewelry brand.


In 2021, Rosé officially made a solo debut with the album -R- and the title song “On The Ground”. At that time, this song excelled at #1 of two prestigious charts, Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global Excl. US. The main vocalist of BLACKPINK is also the first solo female idol who can do this.


In addition, Rosé is also the first solo female idol to sell 500,000 album copies on the Hanteo platform. Besides, Rosé is also the first idol to reach #1 on iTunes in countries such as France, Nepal, and the US (excluding collabs).


At the age of 25, Rosé was praised for her beautiful beauty and growing career. Thanks to her first achievements, the female idol has become a model for her juniors to follow.

However, behind the glitz on stage, Rosé is a workaholic and sometimes “hαrd” with herself.


Recently, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, female singer Gone shared candidly about her personal life, professional views, and expressed her affection for her group – BlackPink.

Rosé said that standing on stage alone and without the rest of the members is really a big challenge. “It put me in a much weaker position. 4 of us as one. We are there for each other and if a member is not feeling well that day, we will support that person together. Standing alone is scary. It made me realize that BlackPink was a big support for me in the past. When I don’t know what to do, I call to ask their opinion and feelings. Therefore, the members have always accompanied me throughout my solo activities,” shared Rosé.


The beauty born in 1997 affirms that BlackPink will forever be her family and she loves her group very much. “I used to think about life after my time with BlackPink, but I don’t think we will end. I grew up with them. Members are part of me. And I don’t think it will end. It’s silly of me to worry or think about it. You know, when something is so beautiful and you love it too much, you always think about it, because you don’t want to lose it,” Rosé said.

Like most idols, Rosé also has certain high standards when it comes to her performances, with the BlackPink member admitting that sometimes perfectionism has become a pressure on her. “When I see someone so confident, I feel awe. I wish I could too. I don’t feel safe because I pay too much attention to that. I have too much admiration for it. Sometimes that becomes my burden. However, I tried really hard to get over it. Confidence is something I’m practicing every day,” the female idol said.

Although for many people lack of confidence or insecurity is seen as a negative thing, but Rosé believes that it is really an important motivation to create quality art products. Talking about how he became weak to music, the On the ground singer confided, “I think I’m a vulnerable person. I gradually realized how sad it would be to live a life without stress. In the past, feeling anxious put a lot of pressure on me, because most people just want to relax. However, being nervous about something, really interested in something is what makes life interesting and fun.

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When asked what caused her to have such thoughts, Rosé suddenly burst into tears, confiding, ” Why why am I crying? It’s funny and weird. What made me think like that? How many years has it been since we founded BlackPink, 6 years? So it’s time to start getting comfortable in certain settings. I think it would be good if the feeling of relaxation was interspersed with a feeling of weakness. I really enjoy it and crave it. I don’t want to lose it.”

The female idol also said that she is a workaholic. The prolonged epidemic situation made Rosé fҽҽl pαnic and secret because she did not have a schedule. But it was also this free time that helped her understand herself better.

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