Rosé (BLACKPINK) Dropped out of High School, is the Trade-off for Popularity worth It?

Constantly running schedules and practicing regardless of the time, idols face a lot of difficulties when they cannot balance between studying and being an idol. There are even many idols who have decided to give up their studies to focus on pursuing their passions. There are also many people who persist in “studying to the end” and achieving many advanced degrees.

Recently, the education topic of BLACKPINK’s Rosé has become a hot topic on social media. when antifan thought she didn’t deserve to be famous because she dropped out of high school.

Rosé (BLACKPINK) is criticized for her education level below high school

Specifically, in an interview with Rosé, she shared that when Rosé’s father heard that YG was holding a selection contest in Sydney, he encouraged his daughter to take part in the challenge. “I don’t think I can participate in any competitions.”

Rosé also hesitated between continuing to study or listening to the call of music: “At that time, I was like: ‘Oh my God’ – I don’t think I have any chance. My dad encouraged me: ‘Rosie, you can do it. If you love it, boldly go near it’ I flew to Sydney and asked myself: ‘Why am I here? Why fly all the way to the end? here?’. I feel like I’ll come home empty-handed.”

She also shared her concern when she was a hard-working student who never thought of dropping out of school. “I was very surprised. I decided to leave my studies at school. This made teachers and friends wonder a lot. At that time, very few people knew what Kpop was, so no one understood my choice. . I was also very stressed because I am also a hard-working student and never thought of dropping out.”

Rosé dropped out of secondary school in Australia to return to Korea as a trainee.

Rosé also added that her passion for singing is so great that  “as a way to relieve stress, I’m just an ordinary person like everyone else. So if people think, you don’t worthy and can not overcome the barriers that prevent you from realizing your dreams, please believe in the things that you love.”

Hearing this, everyone sympathizes because her passion for art is so great, with such world-class popularity, this is not something everyone can do. Missing school is not something everyone wants, but pursuing a dream is a precious thing that Rosé wants to do in the future.

It is known that Rosé is a genuine Korean when born in New Zealand and immigrated to Australia when she was 8 years old. After passing the YG audition held in Australia in May 2012, Rosé dropped out of her studies at Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College in Melbourne to fly back to Korea and start a real life. Novice.

Despite standing under the spotlight and going through those training days, Rosé is still cultivating her “voice”.

In the comments section, many netizens have left their opinions:

-She took a lot of risks and trades for it

– Even though she doesn’t have a high school diploma, isn’t it respectable that she can raise a family, make money and be successful?

– She is willing to bet the fastest path to success to take the hardest and farthest path. What about you? Are you ready?