Rosé: Blackpink Music Is Like The Coexistence Of Black And Pink

In a recent interview with Vogue Hong Kong (China), Rosé rҽvҽalҽd more about the meaning of her solo songs, the process of her participation in writing lyrics for personal music products and the group’s joint song, and the dream of collaborating with a famous international singer.

Blackpink returned after 2 years with the album “Born Pink”, Rosé participated in writing the lyrics for “Yeah Yeah Yeah” with Jisoo. In the solo album released in 2021, Rosé also participated in composing both songs “On The Ground” and “Gone”.

Blackpink’s main vocalist said that every time she composes and records, she always tries to make her lyrics match Blackpink’s style and at the same time add new personal elements.

“Like the coexistence of black and pink, I wanted our songs to also show different charms,” Rosé said of Blackpink’s music.

When asked the most favorite song on this album, Rosé said that choosing a favorite song is as difficult as we are often asked “like mom or dad?” and it changes daily. However, recently, she often listens to “Yeah Yeah Yeah” because the song’s melody makes her excited, bouncing along.

As for the song “On The Ground” that she co-wrote, Rosé emphasized, this is a very meaningful song for her. The female singer felt a great connection with this song from the first time hearing it. “I was excited because the song seemed to be telling my own story,” said Rosé.

Lead vocalist Blackpink shared details about the process of composing a new song, “When working with Producer Teddy, we talked while composing, developing the lyrics and melodies step by step.

I’ve been trying to find better ways to bring ideas to life through words, trying to express my emotions better while recording, and bringing out my vocals and songs.

We all work so hard that we don’t even know how time passes.”

6 years of operation, Blackpink has collaborated with many international artists such as Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Cardi B… Rosé said that collaborations like these always create great effects and help her learn. many things, from music to other aspects.

As for Rosé, the dream star she wants to collaborate with is Beyoncé: “Since childhood, I have dreamed of becoming a singer. The artist I admire the most is Beyoncé.

Before officially becoming a singer, I watched Beyoncé’s movies and started to think, I want to be like that too, so I practice piano very hard.

Luckily, I had the opportunity to attend an event with Beyoncé when we were Tiffany ambassadors. It is a great honor. She said, “I hope we will have an interesting collaboration together in the future.”

This is my “dream collaboration”. I really want to sing with her if I have a chance.”

Blackpink has just completed the global tour in North America and is currently holding concerts in Europe. Rosé expressed, being able to perform on stage during the tour always makes her very excited and excited.

“You can feel the surge of emotions when standing in front of a large number of Blinks (fandom – Blackpink fan community) in many different cities.

The energy that fans in each city brings is very different. So, even if we perform the same song, each tour will have its own new, exciting, ”said Rosé.

Talking about her fashion activities as a global ambassador of the Saint Laurent brand, Rosé shared that she feels very comfortable every time she meets Creative Director, designer Anthony Vaccarello.

“At first we met because of work, but now my relationship with him has become one where we can talk nonstop and open up more and more.

It was my first collaboration with Anthony on Fashion Week and the Met Gala, and every time we met, he gave me a sense of calm, confidence. Anthony is a very good designer and handsome too. I learned a lot from him,” says Rosé of her close relationship with the Saint Laurent Creative Director.

Rosé also hopes that, if given the opportunity, she can try her hand at creativity in many other art fields besides music, such as fashion, fine arts, etc.