Rose Changed Her Hair Color, Excited For Blackpink’s Comeback!

Blinks who are still in awe thinking that Blackpink's comeback is a dream will wake up with this new hairstyle.

Recently, two Blackpink members, Rose and Jisoo, attended the VIP screening of the movie Hunt. In the series of photos released, observant fans noticed a slight change in the hair of Rose – the goddess who usually wears blonde hair.

Looks like Rose has changed to blonde and black hair!


Netizens are extremely excited about this image:

– Comeback is very close!

– Contrary to the two-tone style that people usually think of!

– What if Rose goes back to completely black hair when she comes back?

– Rose is the one who changes her hair the most in Blackpink. Give your hair a break!

– Rose is so beautiful. Keep your hair simple to enhance that beauty. Looking forward to Blackpink’s comeback!

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