Rosé Goes Viral After Jennie And The Staff Come To Her Rescue During Accident On Stage

The BLACKPINK members  are currently on their BORN PINK  world tour  . Ever since their first concert in Korea, the members have continuously gone viral for their antics throughout the performance.

While all BLACKPINK concerts are filled with epic moments, one of  Rosé ‘s moments  from her recent London concert went viral.

Like all shows, the members made fans very nostalgic for the end of the show when they sang “STAY”.

With so many confetti on the floor, it’s no sᴜrρrιse that Rosé wants to have some fun with it. So she went over to Jennie and was about to throw confetti at her, but Rosé happily forgot that she was holding the microphone and carelessly threw it off the stage.

Rosé gathered confetti and was about to throw it at Jennie

But she threw the mic in her hand

From another angle, the mic can be seen flying into the air and landing on the ground

As soon as the microphone fell, Rosé had the funniest reaction from her father to panic when trying to retrieve her beautiful pink microphone.

Soon after, the security guard came forward and picked it up for Rosé

When the idol got her microphone back, it stopped working. Jennie  eventually came to the rescue, sitting down to let Rosé use her own microphone as the staff tried to rescue the “sliding” mic from the stage.

However, along with the hilarity of what happened, more attention is being paid after a new angle was shared by fans.

While the members had the funniest reactions, it was the reactions of the staff that caught the attention of fans. As soon as the microphone was dropped, security and staff immediately moved onto the stage to try to solve the problem by giving Rosé a working microphone.

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The staff took the initiative to give Jennie another mic

When the video was posted, residents couldn’t help but wonder what happened, especially this is not the first time Rosé dropped the microphone during a concert. They also loved the reaction of the staff and members around her in the face of the chaos.

As expected, BLACKPINK’s performances were truly “full of chaos” and created unforgettable moments for those who attended the show. Like every K-Pop group, you can’t seem to spell BLACKPINK without the word “chaos”.