Rosé praised by Paul Klein of LANY for her talent and beauty, and did not forget to express her love

The vocalist had the opportunity to speak with Paul Klein, a member of the American pop group LANY, on the most recent edition of Crush’s BlackVox when the band was in Korea for the Slow Life Slow Live event.

A lot of K-Pop stars have included LANY on their playlists since they were created in 2014. Paul Klein delivered a new English verse on the song during a recent collaboration between the group and IVE’s Liz and Rei for a special rendition of “After LIKE.”

Paul Klein and Crush engaged in a lot of light conversation while driving, giving Crush the chance to show off his exceptional English abilities. As Klein emphasized how much he loved playing in Korea, Crush complimented him on his band’s selection as the festival’s main act.

Paul Klein is asked later in the show whether he knows any Korean artists, and to to Crush’s joy, he replies, “My favorite Korean musician is Crush.”

Paul Klein said that BLACKPINK’s Rosé is his second favorite song after that endearing scene.

Paul Klein: This is my runner-up. “On The Ground,” a song by Rosie, was released. That music is excellent.


Yes, Paul Klein

For Rosé, who previously said that “Malibu Night” by LANY was her favorite song to listen to when interviewed in 2019, this is certainly thrilling. When the group played at the Forum in Los Angeles, Rosé also had the opportunity to meet Paul Klein. She was able to get a single shot with him in addition to a group one with the rest of BLACKPINK.

Blackpink were “truly the kindest ladies I’ve ever met,” Paul Klein wrote below the picture.

Rosé has once again been a successful fan after one of her influences gave her first solo music a positive review. Hopefully Rosé and LANY will be able to work together in the future!