Rosé Shared About The Special Person Who Changed Her Life

Recently, Mastermind magazine sᴜɗɗenly announced Rosé (Blackpink) as the face appearing on the cover of the December issue. Mastermind is a prestigious French cultural magazine, published only twice a year, synthesizing articles. evaluate and express the perspectives of famous experts, photographers and reporters.

In 2022, the two cover faces of Mastermind include the first Spanish actress to win an Oscar – Penelope Cruz and the second star to receive this honor is Kpop female idol Rosé.

Rosé is also the first Asian artist to appear on the cover of this magazine. Some of the faces who have taken on the cover of Mastermind include Kristen Stewart, the Willow brothers – Jaden Smith, Léa Seydoux, Finn Wolfhard…

About Rosé, Mastermind magazine wrote, “Blackpink is a cultural force and each member has become an idol in their own way. Rosé with her powerful voice has become one of the musical characteristics of the group.”

In the set of photos for Mastermind, Rosé wears costumes and accessories mainly from the two brands she is working as global ambassadors, Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co. The female idol mixes simple clothes in a classic and elegant style, while exuding a liberal charm full of charm.

In the interview excerpt exclusively for Billboard, Rosé shared about Blackpink’s world tour and rҽvҽalҽd the journey from an unknown girl to becoming a top female Kpop idol.

“In times like this, I work during the day, train in the evening, record at night, go home, sleep, and then repeat. It was certainly difficult, but we are grateful and happy to be able to prepare our album and meet and introduce new songs to Blinks (Blackpink’s fandom),” Rosé shared about period before the start of the global tour.

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“Since the pandemic, it has been an incredibly long and devastating time for everyone. So we can’t wait to get back to performing for so many Blinks who have been patiently waiting. I’m so excited to finally be able to see familiar faces,” the female idol said of her feelings when meeting her fans again after a long time.

Besides, Rosé mentioned an important person who first asked her to audition for YG Entertainment – which completely changed her life later. It was none other than Rosé’s father.

“My dad was always watching me print out lyrics and chords from his laptop and go all out with the piano trying to sing Beyoncé’s saddest, most heartbreaking songs until midnight. So I guess it wasn’t unusual for him to ask me if I wanted to audition at YG’s casting held in Australia,” the female idol recalled.

“When I was growing up, there weren’t many opportunities for me to officially dive into music. So when YG – the company that was once home to some of my favorite musicians – approached my city for a casting session, there couldn’t be a better opportunity for me to pursue and embrace my dream.

I would like to say how lucky I am to have a supportive father who encouraged me to challenge myself and take my chances.”

In 2012, 15-year-old Rosé excellently won the Top 1 among 700 contestants participating in the audition round organized by YG in Sydney city. The girl born in New Zealand, raised in Australia was officially selected as a trainee in Korea’s top entertainment company.

Leaving behind her life and family in Melbourne, Australia, Rosé brought her guitar companion to the YG headquarters. After a arduous trainee period and more than 6 years of operation, until now, Blackpink has become the top Kpop girl group.

Rosé and the Blackpink members are having the biggest world tour in the history of K-pop girl groups.