Rosé Was Honored By American Magazine

Korean female singer Rosé is a rare Asian face appearing in Variety's list of outstanding artists under the age of 25 (Power of Young Hollywood Impact Report 2022).

With the  Power of Young Hollywood Impact Report 2022,  Variety introduces artists under the age of 25 and their “youth” in the fields of art such as cinema, music or content creation. “The artists featured on this list are all highly regarded for their talent and are making their mark in their fields,” the post said.


Besides young artists such as actress Euphoria Sydney Sweeney, actor 13 Reasons Why Dylan Minnette, or Vietnamese-born content creator Michael Le, Korean female singer  Rosé was praised for her role as a member of the group. BLACKPINK  and personal career since her solo debut in 2021. “As a member of the top group BLACKPINK, Rosé is only 25 years old, but she is used to the pressure of expectations”.


”There were times when it felt very stressful, but that’s what drives us to create new songs and push ourselves,” Rosé told  Variety, ”I’m constantly exploring ideas and sounds. new music. It’s different from BLACKPINK because I’m still in the process of shaping myself. There are so many genres that I always want to explore.” According to Rosé, his solo debut with the single On The Ground in 2021 is a “very powerful” step in her experimentation.


The youngest artist on Variety’s list is child actor Walker Scobell. Although he is only 13 years old, he is already the star of two big movies The Adam Project as a young Ryan Reynolds and  Secret Headquarters as Owen Wilson’s son. Upcoming, this child star continues to participate in the hit series  Percy Jackson And The Olympians.

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