Rosé Was So Busy Dancing That She ‘Forgot’ To Sing, Giving The Microphone To The Dancer

More than a month has passed since  BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK tour  officially started, netizens are still “engrossed” discussing the quality of the group’s concerts within this tour.

As can be seen, the higher the public’s expectation for BLACKPINK’s tour, the more mixed opinions, praise and criticism.

Besides the quality of music and choreography, the performance of the girls “Hac Huong” also attracted the attention of the people. Most recently,  Rosé  became the focus when she was so focused on performing the choreography of her solo hit  On The Ground  that she forgot to sing.

During more than half of the performance that was filmed by fans, Rosé seemed to only rҽαlly sing a few lines, the rest, she put more energy into the dance moves. Towards the end of the song, Rosé even passed the microphone to the dancer to help make it easier to perform the choreography.

Although knowing that  On The Ground  is not an easy song to perform on stage, as a main vocal and this is her own solo song, Rosé sᴜrρriseɗ many people. disappointed.

The choreography of the song is obviously important, but most concertgoers want to hear her sweet live voice rather than just focusing on the dance moves.

This is also not the first time Rosé in particular or BLACKPINK in general have been “complained” about “not singing enough” during their own concert and tour.

Previously, there were many criticisms aimed at the group for playing the background music too loudly throughout the performances, making it difficult for fans to distinguish between the rҽαl voices and the pre-recorded voices for the girls to sing. pressed.

Vietnamese Super Idol Accᴜsҽɗ Of Plagiarizing Rosé

DREAMeR MiiNa Accᴜsҽɗ of Plagiarizing BLACKPINK Rosé’s ‘On The Ground’ Concept

On April 13, DREAMeR released teasers for their third debut member, MiiNa, and their debut single, “Buồn Không Thể Buông,” which translates to “Sad, Can’t Let Go.” Following the release of her photo teasers, people noticed that her concept was extremely similar to BLACKPINK member Rosé’s “On the Ground” concept.

In MiinA’s teasers, she is seen in a long, purple tulle dress, posing with flowers. Her poses and the composition of the overall photos are nearly identical to Rosé’s photos for her “-R-” photobook. Many pointed out that even their hair, which is dyed platinum blonde, is styled the same way.

But that is not the only instance the Vietnamese idol was αccᴜsҽd of copying Rosé.

DREAMeR MiiNa Accᴜsҽɗ of Copying BLACKPINK Rosé’s ‘Sea of Hope’ Outfit

That same day, DREAMer Entertainment uploaded a video of MiiNA to their YouTube channel. There, the female idol is seen singing the piano version of their debut single. They also uploaded photos they took during the shooting.

For the video, MiiNA tied her blonde hair in a loose braid. She is seen wearing a blue dress over light blue jeans and white sneakers.

This outfit is highly similar to what Rosé wore during her guest appearance on JTBC’s “Sea of Hope.” The BLACKPINK member also shared photos of her wearing the outfit on her Instagram profile.

People believe MiiNA and her company are blatantly trying to copy Rosé’s image. This has angered many. Some are calling MiiNa the “plagiarized version” of Rosé. Some even joked that she was cosplaying as the K-pop idol.

People left comments such as,

“Are you obsessed with Rosé?”

“The plagiarized version of Rosé is in Vietnam?”

“Are you cosplaying?”

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