Rosé’s Memorable Memory When Inviting Hyeri (Girl’s Day) To Her House

Coming to Rosé's house for the first time, Hyeri left an unforgettable impression on Rosé!

BLACKPINK Rosé and  Hyeri are famous close friends in the Kpop world. During a show together,  Rosé shared a story about the time she panicked because of  Hyeri.




Hyeri – Girl’s Day

Rosé shared that this incident happened the first time  Hyeri slept at her house. Around 3 or 4 a.m., Rosé was sleeping when she suddenly heard something thumping in her ear.


Rosé said with a very lively expression

Rosé had thought that something had fallen from the ceiling, but when she reached over, there was nothing there.

Rosé was terrified, but she quickly went back to sleep. Moments later, she felt “something like a big tree” fall on her stomach.


Rosé touched the thing on her stomach, and it was  Hyeri’s leg! While Rosé shared this, Hyeri laughed.


Hyeri couldn’t help but laugh when her best friend talked about her

It turned out that  Hyeri had a habit of moving her legs while sleeping, and this was what kept  Rosé awake all night. After Rosé discovered this, she gently lifted Hyeri’s legs off her stomach and slept near the end of the bed.


In the end, Rosé had to get down near the edge of the bed to sleep

Hyeri said that she had just found out about this and that she was grateful that Rosé kept inviting her over to sleep with her despite her bad sleeping habits.


Rosé and Hyeri are very close in real life


Their friendship is so beautiful that many people are “envious”.

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