Ryan Giggs’ affair with his sister-in-law and the downfall of a Man United icon

Ryan Giggs was once hailed as a symbol of talent and virtue at MU, but the 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 affair with his sister-in-law made the MU legend a criminal.

Ryan Giggs got me pregnant, says star's sister-in-law Natasha | Daily Mail  Online

On June 6, 2011, Sun shocked the football village with the article “Ryan Giggs and sister-in-law Natasha have been having an affair for 8 years”. “Giggs is known for his standards, as the family man, but the trᴜth has been hidden for so long, because he cheated on his wife and sneaked around with his sister-in-law,” Sun said.

The veracity of the story was at times questioned, but Giggs’ silence and tolerance meant that all of Natasha’s accusations were true.

Scandal can’t be saved

Nine years ago, a 1,000-word article on the Daily Mail completely unmasked Giggs. Giggs and Natasha have been together since March 2003. The legend of MU spent a passionate night with the 20-year-old girl, at the time when his fiancée Stacey was pregnant. During that year, Natasha went out with the Giggs family. She meets Rhodri, then marries Giggs’ younger brother.

Natasha và Rhodri Giggs.

Even when Natasha became pregnant with Rhodri’s first child, Giggs asked to go on a date with her. In August 2006, Natasha gave birth to a child. And two months later, Natasha again dated Giggs, at the same time Stacey was hospitalized after giving birth to the midfielder’s second child.

Daily Mail quoted Natasha as sharing: “The day after my son Giggs was born, he and I had se together.” Giggs secreтly cheated on his wife Stacey, and also cheated on Natasha. Natasha accused Giggs of being a fake, using her in a sneaky relationship.

The legend of MU was even exposed to being stingy, when he often let Natasha stand out to pay after appointments at expensive hotels, and at the same time hook up his wallet for food and living expenses.

Just a few days before the story broke, Giggs and MU played the Champions League final against Barcelona. From the image of a talented and virtuous football star, having won 12 Premier League titles with MU, 4 times crowned the FA Cup and 2 times won the Champions League, Giggs became a criminal.

English football was once sᴜrprised with the story of Ashley Cole abandoning Cherryl because of the secreт times, John Terry heartlessly having an affair with the wife of his best friend Wayne Bridge, or Wayne Rooney being caught “eating paid cake”. But the Giggs case is truly unacceptable and unprecedented.

During those years Giggs had an affair with his sister-in-law, he was once awarded the OBE medal by Queen Elizabeth II, honoring the outstanding people in the land of fog. In January 2011, coach Sir Alex Ferguson personally presented Giggs with the medal of the greatest player in MU history.

The achievements of Giggs’ career are still there, but the glamor of the exemplary man has stayed behind. The phrase “Giggs having an affair with his sister-in-law” has been at the top of the search list in the UK for many days, and it is an indelible stain of Giggs.

The Tragedy of Rhodri

Immediately after the incident was reveɑled, Rhodri announced his separation from Natasha. “He was devastated and humiliated when he couldn’t believe that the one who cheated with his wife was his brother. Rhodri can’t even drive alone right now,” a friend of Rhodri’s told the Sun.

Giggs is still a great player, but his personality has forever crumbled.

Rhodri declared from Giggs’ face. Even Danny Wilson, Giggs’ father, was upset when his son did something unacceptable. Mr. Wilson once supported Giggs when the press exposed the MU midfielder back and forth with Miss Wales Imogen Thomas. But he did not accept when Giggs heartlessly deceived his brother.

Natasha admitted that she herself provided information to the press to reveɑl, then had “excess murky water to fish” to continue to be mentioned by the press and find a way to enter showbiz. Giggs committed a serious sin, but was still forgiven by his wife Stacey.

Ryan Giggs is still forgiven by his wife

Only Rhodri took all the bitterness from this story. Rhodri lost his wife, hated his brother, Theo Sun, Rhodri lived in a state of turmoil, frequented nightclubs and dared not look anyone in the face. He was indignant when in his own misery, Giggs was still forgiven by his wife, still playing calmly under the guise of being flashy at MU.

The relationship between Ryan Giggs and his brother is forever irreparable (Ryan Gibbs, mother, brother – from left to right)

Some time later, Natasha and her son returned, making peace with Rhodri with the desire to restore the old love. However, the obsessions about the past made it impossible for both of them to rebuild their home, and decided to divorce. Natasha tried everything, but Rhodri could not live a normal life with the person who betrayed her for 8 years.

“They continue to be friends for the happiness of their two children. Rhodri is still haunted by what happened in the past, causing all of Natasha’s efforts to heal,” said a friend of Natasha’s.

According to Mirror, Rhodri used to live with his parents because of a lack of money. Meanwhile, Giggs was criticized for not once apologizing to his brother. One source claims that Rhodri has forgiven Giggs, having attended his brother’s new house party, but the information has not been confirmed.

Rhodri is said to be living a bleak and ꜱecretive life. Giggs has been divorced from Stacey since 2017 and continues to be troubled by love affairs.