‘Bob Would Be Very Bummed’: Saget’s Widow Begs Musk To Restore His Blue Check

On Monday, the first anniversary of the late comedian’s unexpected death, Kelly Rizzo tweeted a couple of times, noting that Saget’s blue check had vanished and pleading for Musk to restore it.

Hello, @elonmusk. I saw Bob (@bobsaget), who passed away one year ago today, is no longer verified. My hubby was a huge Twitter fan. Could something be done to honor his legacy? Rizzo tweeted, “Thank you kindly (friends, please assist).

Rizzo continued, “I was simply worried because I felt Saget would have been upset to learn that his account, which was still visible, could not be distinguished from anyone who later attempted to imitate him.”

And the only reason I’m even talking about it is because I know Bob would be devastated. He would reply, “Hey, how will they know it’s for sure me if they go to my page and all the jokes I’ve tweeted over the years!?” she continued.

Many supporters agreed with Rizzo and urged Musk to restore Saget’s blue check. And thousands shared their memories of the comedian on the anniversary of his passing.

Dave Coulier, a co-star on “Full House,” wrote on Twitter: “Bob could always bring out the fifth grader in me. I’ll probably start crying today when I realize how much I miss him. The sound of Bob’s voice will then make me giggle. Give your loved ones a hug fit for Bob Saget and tell them how much you care. #huglikebobsaget.”

In an Instagram post, co-star Candace Cameron Bure expressed her opinions and wrote the following caption: “I stayed up for hours watching videos of Bob on my phone. Videos that hurt too much for me to view a year ago. Last night they made me chuckle 😂. They warmed my heart and gave me solace. I kept watching them and couldn’t stop laughing. I’m glad he was my friend for so long because I miss him so much. I love you, Bob. Go give a friend a bear hug like Bob would.

On January 9, 2022, Saget passed away in a hotel room in Florida after allegedly falling and hitting his head.

14 Times Elon Musk Agreed With Elon Musk Quotes on Twitter

Oh Elon, you’re so funny. No, Elon, you’re the one that’s funny. Oh wait, we’re both Elon!

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, continues to confound the world, leaving some to wonder what in the world he is thinking. This person became the first person to ever lose $200 bιllιon in personal net worth from one year to the next after being named TIME’s “Person of the Year.” Now that Musk appears to be technology’s newest villain, one must wonder: Does he even give a damn?

No, is the easy response. Only what Elon Musk thinks is important to Elon Musk. To verify it, all you have to do is look at his Twitter page.

People who follow Elon Musk regularly may have observed that he frequently and warmly replies to tweets that contain quotes from himself. This has been ongoing for some time. It appears as though Musk is talking adoringly to himself. He responds to one quote by saying, “Had to be done.” In another, he remarks, “So few get this.

For Musk, finding quotes from his $44 bιllιon blue bird addiction, Twitter, isn’t exactly difficult. Along with followers and friends tweeting what he says, there are accounts like @muskQu0tes and @MuskUniversity that are solely dedicated to spewing out grandiose, odd, or idiotic Musk quotes. It should be noted that the latter is not a true university.

The replies from Musk differ. Some can be as straightforward as “Absolutely” or “Yup.” Other times, he adds to what he says in the original quote or laments the fact that few or no one “understands” the topic at hand. Overall, it’s fairly hilarious to watch a self-centered bιllιonaire respond to things he has said.

Click through to check out 12 times Musk agreed with his own quotes or essentially talked to himself on Twitter. This is only one example of how frequently Musk has used Twitter to converse with himself. The topics are wide-ranging, given that, of course, Musk knows everything.

Elon Musk Has So Many Children And Here’s What We Know About Each Of Them

Elon Musk is undoubtedly doing his “best” to increase global population after fathering many children over the past 20 years with various womҽn.

The world’s richest man is known to have fathered 10 children, although that figure may vary. He is known to have conceived children with three separate Canadian women.

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After all, he did ᵴuгргιᵴe us with some hidden twins, and it seems like the family is prone to ᴜnexpҽctҽd events.

He doesn’t hide it either.

In July, he tweeted, “I wish you have large families and congratulations to those who already have.” I’m making every effort to address the underpopulation situation.

What you need to know about the millionaire and his kids is provided here (or least, the ones we know about).

Nevada Musk

Nevada was Musk’s. Alexander Musk and Justine Wilson, a writer from Canada.

According to PageSix, the couple was married in January 2000 and welcomed their son Nevada Alexander into the world in 2002.

Nevada, however, passed away from suddҽn infant dҽath syndrome, or SIDS, just 10 weeks after his birth.

According to US Weekly Magazine, Musk wrote in a 2018 email, “There is nothing worse than losing a child.” “In my arms, my firstborn son passed away. I could hear his heartbeat.”

Griffin Musk & Vivian Wilson

After Nevada passed away, Musk and Justine Wilson proceeded to IVF, and in April 2004 she gave birth to twins.

When they were born, the kids were given the names Griffin and Xavier.

The latter twin, however, underwent gender transition and is now known as Vivian Wilson. In April 2022, she submitted the necessary paperwork to alter her name and gender on her birth certificate. She also appears to have severed all contacts with her father.

She stated in her court document, according to Reuters, “I no longer live with or seek to be associated to my biological father in any way, shape, or form.”

Kai Musk, Saxon Musk & Damian Musk

Beyond twins, Musk and Wilson continued.

In January 2006, they underwent IVF once more and brought triplets Kai, Saxon, and Damian Musk into the world.

Two years later, in 2008, the couple divorced.

After that divorce, Musk dated a number of womҽn, including Amber Heard, who shared some adorable photos of him and his kids in 2017.

Elon Musk Named Honorary Congressman After Making $200B Disappear

After managing to make $200 Billion disappear in a single year, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk was made an honorary member of Congress by unanimous vote.

Lawmakers had reportedly peed themselves with excitement, imagining what Musk could do with an omnibus spending bill.

“Making him an honorary Congressman was a no-brainer,” said Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders while staring in awe at Elon Musk’s financial losses and drooling a little bit. “He makes us all look like amateurs; we had to team up and work together just to make $2 Trillion disappear.”

“It is with much chagrin and distress that I vote to make Musk an honorary Congressman,” said Rep. Kevin McCarthy, “I have standards. I would have been more comfortable with a conservative loss of $198 bιllιon.”

It was reported that other conservative members of Congress were equally upset about bringing Musk into their fold because of reckless spending, but voted him in anyway because Pelosi told them to.

At publishing time, Elon Musk’s net worth mysteriously shot upward after being voted in, as had happened to all other members of Congress.