Samuel L Jackson enjoys an ice cream with pal Magic Johnson

Samuel L Jackson enjoys an ice cream with pal Magic Johnson as they soak up some sun in Saint-Tropez during lavish supҽr yacht holiday

On Thursday in Saint-Tropez, Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson indulged in some ice cream while basking in the sun.

After landing their luxury supҽr yacht on the French peninsula, the old pals were seen unwinding with family and friends.

Magic, 63, opted for a pair of white shorts and a bright blue T-shirt with a graphic print. After a quick trip to the store, the former NBA player was carrying a Saint Laurent bag.

He grinned at the camera as he stepped onto a smaller vessel at the jetty and made his way back to their yacht.

The club typically travels abroad for six weeks during the summer and has done so in the past on yachts, including a trip in 2021 on the 281-foot yacht Aquila.

Alongside Ben Mendelsohn, actor Samuel presently appears in the brand-new Marvel series Secret Invasion.

Jackson’s well-known Nick Fury persona and Mendelsohn’s Skrull General Talos face earth invaders in the six-part series, which is now available to view on Disney+.

Emilia Clarke, who stars in Game of Thrones, and renowned British actress Olivia Coleman are also present in the special effects extravaganza.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe should expect plenty more excitement, according to a recent teaser.

The horrific hand-to-hand combat scene and helicopter attack on a car convoy are two more highlights of the trailer.

A spin-off of the 2019 supҽrhero movie Captain Marvel, in which Samuel L. Jackson portrayed Fury, a special agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., the U.S. government organization that monitors extraterrestrial threats, is called Secret Invasion.

Meanwhile, Fury is on a quest to extermιnate the Skrulls, an alien species that has made its way into positions of authority.

The daughter of the Skrull general Talos, who also had an appearance in Captain Marvel, and played by Emilia Clarke, G’iah, may be seen fιghting the invaders in the video.

Everett Ross, a supporter of Fury, is played by Martin Freeman from the popular television show Fargo, while Maria Hill, a familiar face to MCU fans from the Avengers movies, is played by Cobie Smulders.

Don Cheadle, who starred in Ocean’s 11, also appears in Secret Invasion as Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes from the Captain Marvel movie.