France and England feature in 5 biggest World Cup upseтs as Saudi Arabia ѕтυn Argentina

Two quick second-half goals from Salem Al Dawsari and Saleh Al-Shehri saw Saudi Arabia overturn Lionel Messi’s 10th-minute penalty in one of the biggest ѕнocĸs in World Cup history and a result that could go on to defy an entire generation for the Arabic nation.

Ending Argentina’s two-year unbeaten run, the South American powerhouses will question their credentials to challenge for the World Cup. But there’s no denying that this result belongs to Saudi Arabia and will place well in the pantheon of great footballing upsets.

Without further ado, here are the five biggest upsets in World Cup history, with Saudi Arabia’s win today likely to go down in the record books as one of the greatest in the entire sport.

USA 1-0 ENGLAND (1950)

In terms of World Cup ѕнocĸs, very few can come ad close as the USA’s win against England in 1950, where a squad made up of largely part-time players ѕнocĸed one of the favourites for the competition in Brazil in a game that is still talked about today.

Dubbed ‘The Miracle Match’ by author Geoffrey Douglas, Joe Gaetjens, a Haitian-born striker who worked as a pot-washer, scored the only goal of the match as the US delivered one of England’s most embarrassing losses in any major competition.


North Korea’s involvement in the World Cup is short but full of narrative, with their win against Italy in 1966 still regarded by many as one of the biggest ѕнocĸs in all of sports and a result so embarrassing for the Azzurri that the players were pelted with food upon their return from England.

Only qualifying for the competition due to boycotts from other competing nations, Pak Doo-ik’s winner remɑins one of the most famous moments in World Cup history, with North Korea’s involvement


Northern Ireland have only appeared at three World Cup’s, with the home nation’s last qualification coming back all the way in 1986. However, it’s what happened in 1982 in Spain that put the Green and White Army on the footballing map.

Facing off against the home nation and one of the outside favourites for the World Cup, Northern Ireland ѕтυnned the world with a 1-0 win against Spain to not only progress to the next round of the competition, but to also top La Roja in their own group in one of the biggest moments in the nation’s footballing history.


France are no strangers to being on the losing end of some ѕнocĸing World Cup results, yet Les Bleus’ loss to Senegal in 2002 is ranked by many as the European giants’ worse in the competition, with the result setting the tempo for a tournament to forget.

Indeed, France head to South Korea and Japan as the reigning world and European champions, yet Senegal set the dynasty crumbling down through Papa Bouba Diop’s sole goal, with Roger Lemerre’s side crashing out of the group stages in last place.


Argentina might have only lost to Saudi Arabia in this tournament, but there’s no denying that this result will go down in the history books as one of the most ѕнocĸing in World Cup history, with Albiceleste heading into Qatar as one of the favourites to win the competition.

Whilst there’s still plenty of time for Messi and company to regroup and to spur their way to a third World Cup triumph, losing to Saudi Arabia will play heavily on their minds heading into their fixtures against Mexico and Poland, with the South American side already looking to move on from their ѕнocĸ loss.