Seeing the owner sell her baby, mama dog constantly cries as if to say: ‘Please don’t take my baby, don’t sell my baby…’

Seeing the mother dog's actions, the customer who came to buy the dog also voluntarily withdrew.

In rural areas, most families keep a dog to take care of the house, when more dogs are born, they keep it or give it away depending on the situation.

In a story shared on Sohu (China) recently, a household has a golden mother dog, but when the dog gives birth, it can’t keep it anymore, so it plans to sell the puppies.


When the mother dog was chained in the corner of the yard, the owner made an appointment with the buyer to pick up the puppy and then take the sleepy dog in the house to deliver to the customer. But the mother dog seems to understand the meaning of this action.

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The mother dog stood up and scratched at its owner’s clothes. Photo: Sohu

Despite the chain still hanging around its neck, it jumped up, repeatedly scratching at its owner to signal to stop. The mother dog stood like that for a long time, continuously whining as if to say: “Please don’t take my baby, don’t sell my baby…”

Seeing the owner’s indifference, the animal continued to kneel on the ground and scratch the owner’s shoes, the moans became more and more mιsеrablе.

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The dog is begging its owner not to sell her baby. Photo: Sohu

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No one can not be moved by this sacred moment of motherly love. Photo: Sohu

At this point, the owner and the shopper can only look at each other confused. The person who bought the dog was so moved that they said they would not buy any more, let the mother dog and the puppies continue to live together.

The owner did not object, but quietly handed the puppy back to the mother dog, the mother dog’s eyes looked at the owner full of gratitude. Perhaps at this point, the owner will have to tell himself not to separate the mother and daughter’s ƅlооԀ relationship.

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A touching story about a loyal dog that crossed 600km for 3 years to return to its owner

A heartwarming story about the loyalty of a dog who traveled a great distance to be reunited with his beloved owner.

As an avid animal lover, Mr. Ibrahim Fwal decided to adopt a dog. He went to the animal shelter in Carrara and there he met a German Shepherd puppy that had been аƅаnԀoneԀrecently. He fell in love with it at first sight.

collage 1652950079x1024 1657945428

This dog was renamed Rocky, the owner and the dog are always side by side. Rocky is an affectionate dog that doesn’t take his eyes off his master. Mr. Ibrahim decided to treat the dog like his own son, allowing him to go anywhere, even the beach.

One day, the weather was very hot, and Mr. Ibrahim decided to take his dog, Rocky, to the sea to swim. By the time he returned to shore, Rocky was gone.

In a state of раnιc, Mr. Ibrahim frantically searched for his dog everywhere. He called, asked around… He started going to all the dog kennels in the city and got search results with the number ‘0’. Rocky has disappeared without a trace. When he returned to the beach with a final search effort, he was told that they saw a group of Gypsies who had taken the dog away.

chu cho tim chu sau 3 nam 01 YALJ

Unfortunately, this is a common story…

Mr. Ibrahim’s heart seemed to break. He was heartbroken and inconsolable. Rocky was brought back by him and will never return – at least, this is what he can think of.

Three years have passed. Mr. Ibrahim’s puppy Rocky is probably an adult dog in another world by now. There’s no way to know about Rocky’s experiences or things over the past few years. Chances are it’s tried to get away from the person who stole it a couple of times, or perhaps it’s been аƅаnԀoneԀagain.

However, the dog Rocky was eventually adopted by a family in Salerno, Italy.

chu cho tim chu sau 3 nam 02 LOHP

Only, Rocky didn’t feel comfortable here. It kept running out and being annoyed with its new owners. Fearing losing it, the family put a collar on Rocky, with their phone number on it, in case the dog got lost.

And that’s exactly what happened. Rocky didn’t run away because of the abuse, he just wanted to find his way back to the Syrian man who adopted him when he was a puppy, whose dog was stolen years earlier.

Mr. Ibrahim lived  643 km  and of course Rocky could not have known. This is a long journey for an animal like Rocky the dog. Rocky has nothing but desire and instinct to guide it. But obviously, that’s enough.

Rocky sets out, foraging when it can and barely stopping to rest. Rocky was eventually found in Pisa, Italy, about 600 km ( 595.5 km) to the north from where the journey began. Rocky’s foot pad was torn after many miles of walking.

Lifeguard Rocky saw the necklace and called the number in Salerno. “He’s our dog,” the other family insisted. However, someone miraculously noticed that Rocky also had a tattoo on his body. Mr. Ibrahim got this tattoo when he was a puppy. This is the turning point in Rocky’s fate.

chu cho tim chu sau 3 nam 03 BAJA

3 years and more than 600 km journey, Rocky is finally reunited with the man she will never forget.

“I don’t believe it, I can’t believe it!” Mr. Ibrahim said. “When they brought it home, I was in the car and Rocky heard my voice from inside and started jumping for joy outside.”

chu cho tim chu sau 3 nam 04 WFLZ

We can imagine the shared joy in the touching reunion between the dog and its owner. Rocky’s affection and loyalty really leave us speechless, it helps Rocky overcome unbelievable challenges.

chu cho tim chu sau 3 nam 06 MVRJ

A tenacious warrior, worthy of its name – Rocky, this German Shepherd has defied all odds to find his way back to his owner. What a beautiful story with a happy ending.

chu cho tim chu sau 3 nam 07 MHBG
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