Serena Williams gets ‘back into the swing of things’ as she performs squats at £5M billionaire home gym

In a video uploaded on Instagram on Saturday, Serena Williams provided her followers with an inside look at her intense workout regimen.

As she completed a round of squats, the 42-year-old tennis pro announced to her 17.1 million followers on social media that she was “getting back into the swing of things.”

‘This is not my regular weight, but it’ll do till I get back to where I need to be,’ said the athlete, who recently opened out about taking selfies in the gym.

Williams worked out in a black Nike sports top with no sleeves, showcasing her toned arms.

The Grand Slam winner accessorized her ensemble with a pair of athletic sneakers to add some color and matched leggings.

Serena Williams gave her fans a look into her fitness routine in a video that was shared on her Instagram account on Saturday

On Saturday, Serena Williams posted a video to her Instagram account that provided followers with an inside glimpse at her workout regimen.

While most of her gorgeous light brunette locs flowed across her shoulders and back, she had some of them knotted up.

Williams only returned to the gym a few days after she had wrapped up a trip with her spouse, Olympia Ohanian, and their baby.

The athlete posted a collection of pictures of herself and her six-year-old son jumping and spreading their arms on a beach.

The former professional tennis player wore a skimpy black bikini while lounging around with Olympia.

After first becoming together in 2015, Williams and Ohanian, 40, welcomed their first child in September 2017.

In November of that year, the happy pair married in front of a star-studded ceremony in New Orleans.

In May of last year, the athlete revealed that she was expecting her second child, Adira, who was born in August.

Over the past few years, Williams’ husband and daughters have been featured in a number of pictures and videos that have been posted on her Instagram account.

Serena Williams works up a sweat while doing weights.

In the clip, the 42-year-old former professional tennis player let her 17.1 million followers know that she was 'getting back into the swing of things' as she performed a set of squats

In the clip, the 42-year-old former professional tennis player let her 17.1 million followers know that she was ‘getting back into the swing of things’ as she performed a set of squats

Williams wore a sleeveless black Nike athletic top that showcased her chiseled arms as she worked out

Williams worked out in a black Nike sports top with no sleeves, showcasing her toned arms.

The athlete shared a set of images that showed her spending time on a beach with her eldest child, six, during which they jumped and spread their arms

The athlete posted a collection of pictures of herself and her six-year-old son jumping and spreading their arms on a beach.

Williams and Ohanian, 40, initially met in 2015, and they went on to welcome their eldest daughter in September of 2017; they are seen in 2023

Williams and Ohanian,40, first connected in 2015. Their eldest daughter was born in September 2017, and they are shown in 2023.

In a 2022 interview with Business Insider, the former professional athlete talked candidly about motherhood and shared how close she was to her oldest daughter.

“Mum guilt is a real thing.” I always feel so bad about doing things by myself.”I’m very involved with my daughter, and our parents were the same way,” the woman remarked.

Williams continued by saying that, even though she was committed to her work, her family’s welfare came first.

“I’ve established excellent boundaries, but I’m going straight to my daughter after work.”

Stylish Home Gym

A space to work out should be more than utilitarian. Here’s how to incorporate pops of pattern and soft seating while maintaining good equipment flow            

No one can deny the popularity of at-home workout equipment. It takes more than just equipment to set up an exercise environment, regardless of the size of the room—it might be as large as a room or as small as a bedroom corner. Adding flair is what makes it uniquely yours. These expert suggestions can motivate your exercise with flair and impact.

The quantity and diversity of the equipment determine the layout. Set aside a sizable area of the floor for yoga, pilates, and floor exercises. Adding layers to a room always advances its overall design. To make a basic white wall seem more interesting, choose a patterned wall and add well-thought-out lighting, like brass globe lights from The Future Perfect.

Where to locate your home gym will depend on the layout and architectural style of the house. Ideally, have it built differently to keep it isolated from the main living areas. Many of our clients have modified their existing spaces using Covid; we’ve constructed gyms in underused rooms and on lower levels.

A sleek appearance is produced with floor to ceiling mirrors and matching mirrored outlets. Additionally, we’ve added covert TVs to the mirror, which smoothly integrates the audio and visual elements.

Floor-to-ceiling windows, natural light and a geometric wall lend character to a gym designed by Kendall Wilkinson.

Bernard Andre Images

— Kendall Wilkinson, of San Francisco’s Kendall Wilkinson Interior Design

A desirable location fosters motivation

Think about the background. It’s fantastic when a gym has views of the ocean, the outdoors, or the far distance; it’s even better if the area is serene, uncluttered, and trimmed with real plants.

Select a spot that makes the most of the vistas or that inspires you. For instance, we created the gym at the very top of the building, Jolie [on Greenwich] in New York. With views of the World Trade Center, the Hudson River, and pouring natural light from the west, the double-height area offers breathtaking views that everyone in the building may enjoy.

“Having natural light in a gym is always ideal, as are large windows or, if possible, floor-to-ceiling windows.”

Designed by Stephen Brockman for Jolie in New York, this gym offers double-height windows with views for days to inspire every workout.

“Adding a beautiful seating area is a great way to not only connect a gym to the rest of the home, but also to make the space feel less utilitarian. The numerous hard surfaces and materials found in gyms are softened by the use of color, soft textiles, and patterns. This facilitates the creation of a social area where you can exercise with friends as well.

“I prefer to use mirrors strategically to avoid having them take up the entire space. It’s not required to place stationary bicycles and treadmills in front of mirrors because most users prefer to be looking at a screen. Placing free weights, a reformer, or other equipment in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror transforms a home gym into an atmosphere that seems more professional.

“Make room for a refrigerator and sink that are stocked with water, energy drinks, fresh fruit, and anything else you need to stay focused and energized.”

Robb McCormick

— Designer Carrie Livingston, headquartered in Los Angeles

Calm the Area

“Paint your walls a crisp, new design, such as Jolie’s Moonstone, Misty Cove, or Spa.” An essential oil diffuser can assist create a calming atmosphere, and foliage can aid with air quality.

Choose floor coverings that are easily cleaned and disinfected, and use cork boards, rubber matting, and floor cushions to add coziness, reduce noise, and cushion landings. Paint and apply floor varnish to existing floors to make cleanup after workouts easier if you need to conceal concrete or change their appearance.

“Windows are excellent sources of natural light. For a more carefree look, go for roman blinds made of linen or natural fibers. Recessed can lights are a terrific option for lighting, especially if they have a dimmer so you can quickly alter the brightness based on the type of activity you do and the time of day.

“And to give yourself room for stretching and floor work, position larger equipment as close to the edge of your space as you can.”