Series of funny expressions of Princess Charlotte when attending event with parents

Princess Charlotte continues to assert her position as the most unique and outstanding royal baby today.

Charlotte is famous as a princess full of personality, mischievous and mischievous. And in a recent event, the little princess showed an intense “charismatic” when taking the spotlight with a series of funny and interesting expressions no less than her younger brother Louis.

Specifically, on August 2, the little princess went with her parents to Birmingham to cheer on swimmers in the Commonwealth Games, which took place from July 28. to 8/8. Three members of the royal family sat in the Sandwell Aquatic Center seats.


Princess Charlotte is excited to attend sporting events with her parents.

This is a rare occasion for Charlotte to attend a sporting event alone with her parents. Pretty and lovely little girl in a black and white Rachel Riley plaid dress, her hair neatly braided on both sides. Unlike her brother George who often has to wear a serious suit, which is somewhat hot when attending the event, Charlotte dresses more comfortably. 

She also showed confidence when greeting guests and quickly adapting to large-scale sporting events. The little princess showed interest when watching the match with a series of vivid expressions, which were shared dizzy on the media and social networks.


Princess Charlotte gestured with satisfaction to her father William.


The little princess is not afraid to make a bad face in front of the camera.


I wonder what Charlotte glanced at that was so ‘thrill’?


Sometimes the little princess also shows her displeasure with a cute pout.


Charlotte expressed her amazement when she saw the special moment of the match.


The little princess has an extremely rich expression in every corner of the picture.


“I’ve been forgotten by everyone”, it seems to be the ‘poorish’ thought in Charlotte’s heart when William’s father took pictures with fans.


The bright smile of the little princess.


The “famous” tongue-out is associated with Charlotte’s name.


The little princess showed her excitement in the crowd.

Meanwhile, Princess Kate is always gentle and caring for her only daughter. The Duchess wears an elegant and youthful white suit. This outfit was worn by Princess Kate during her Caribbean tour earlier this year.

It can be said that Princess Charlotte spent a happy and comfortable time with her parents at the event. The girl has been commented to inherit many characteristics of both her father William and mother Kate.


Princess Kate takes care of her little daughter.


Princess Charlotte had some fun and exciting moments at the latest event.

Before that, Charlotte also caused a media storm when she appeared with her father William to send encouragement to the British women’s team before the recent final. Charlotte attracts attention with her long straight hair and confident, lovely pose. 

The 7-year-old princess wore a navy blue outfit with a white baby flower pattern, sitting on her father William’s lap. She is praised as more and more like Princess Kate with a rare temperament.


Princess Charlotte is beautiful in the recent clip.

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