Shaquille O’Neal announces bold ‘Big Chicken’

After the fire marshal was called to the grand opening, Shaquille O’Neal has grandiose plans for ‘Big Chicken’ expansion.

The grand opening of Big Chicken's Houston location was so successful a fire marshal reportedly had to intervene

And the grand opening on Saturday was attended by so many people that the fire marshal apparently had to step in.

In 2018, Shaq, 51, opened the first Big Chicken location.

According to a San Antonio-based NBC affiliate, the Texas-based restaurant recently announced it would open 150 sites across the US, with a third of those being in the Lone Star State.

Shaquille O'Neal is planning to open 150 Big Chicken restaurants across the US

Big Chicken’s menu items are thought to have drawn inspiration from O’Neal’s past, especially the meals he consumed as a child.

The Los Angeles Lakers icon told The Houston Press, “This is my creation, no, excuse me, this is my mama’s creation.
The chain’s website features sandwiches including Uncle Jerome, Big Aristotle, and Shaq Attack, the last of which is named after the famed center’s longtime bodyguard.

Shaquille O'Neal is planning to open 150 Big Chicken restaurants across the US

It’s not srprising that Texas residents flocked to Houston as soon as Big Chicken opened, hoping to experience the taste of O’Neal’s youth.

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The eatery, which is situated in Woodlake Square close to Walgreens, had Shaq in attendance.

Big Chicken offers food that's inspired by O'Neal's life – and the meals he ate as a kid

The appearance of the NBA legend and the offer of free meals apparently drew crowds, and the line outside the restaurant reportedly developed into “a mass of people trying to get in the front door.”
The event ended when the fire marshall eventually showed up and ordered the audience to be led outside the premises, according to the report.

It’s thought that O’Neal followed his clients out the door.

He then carried on shaking hands, signing autographs, and posing for photos.

Bringing Big Chicken to Space City was a memorable occasion for the NBA great because Shaq was raised in Texas and currently resides close to Houston.

He added at the occasion, “I’ve lived here for 30 years.”

I simply want to express my gratitude to Houstonians for attending.

“I like the turnout but if there were 10 pe