Should we follow Kim Kardashian’s weight loss method?

Kim Kardashian is brought up as an example of unhealthy weight loss, potentially dang.erous to health.

Talking to Fox News, Michael Feiz – PhD, a famous weight loss surgeon in the US – explained the “healthy and sustainable” weight loss model.

“Healthy and sustainable weight loss must go hand-in-hand with behavior modification and lifestyle changes. To date, there has been no proven way to lose weight quickly and sustainably” he said.

Many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Adele, Jessica Simpson… change their lifestyle habits towards healthy weight loss. However, Michael notes that pressing on too quickly is not a sustainable approach.

“Unsustainable means that they suddenly stop losing weight. For example, some people suddenly stop the keto, South Beach, or stop taking weight-loss pills – a process,” Dr. said. Their weight loss also stops. Once the process stops, they will, in fa.ct, then gain the weight back, often faster and more markedly than in the initial squeeze.”

In this story, Kim “super bust” has been controversial for a long time for removing carbs and sugar from the to lose 7 kg in 3 weeks, with the aim of fitting into Marilyn Monroe’s legendary dress.

Not only Michael Feiz, many nutritionists warn Kim’s way of losing weight is not healthy. Nichola Ludlam-Raine – American nutritionist – said: “Losing weight like Kim will cause the body to lose water and glycogen stores from the liver and muscles. For every gram of carbs we eat, the body will keep it. Three to four grams of water (unlike protein and fa.t.) A zero-carb often makes people think they’ve lost fa.t, but it’s really mostly water.”

In addition to the supposedly starving, Kim was also criticized for wearing a sauna suit and jogging on the machine twice a day to make her body sweat and lose more water.