Soldiers’ mother really impressed with Jin’s attitude and visuals on the first enlistment day

Not only is it impressive that a prominent K-pop artist joined the military in quiet, but also how he respects his fellow troops.

In addition to receiving accolades from the media, Jin now also wins over the families of the rookies who enlisted alongside him in the army. A mother whose son enlisted in the same unit as Jin related the tale of how, on the day of his enlisting, she had observed his positive disposition.

Other people, not just this mother, have thought well of Jin.

Jin formally enrolled on December 13 at the training facility in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province. Since this is one of Korea’s toughest regions and the temperature can occasionally dip below -20 degrees Celsius, ARMYs and members are very concerned for his health and are thinking of him.

Nearly 200 recruits joined the army during this training camp together with Jin. There were numerous media rumors regarding the BTS superstar laying the way for the group’s new era on the day Jin enlisted in the army. Additionally present in front of the barracks were AFP, CNN, Reuters, BBC, etc.

One thing they didn’t anticipate, though, was that there wouldn’t be as many ARMYs there to bid Jin farewell as they had anticipated. It was claimed that because Jin has a pleasant attitude and is an idol, ARMYs complied with his request to stay away from potentially hazardous situations.

With kind hearts, they sent him forth into the world and eagerly awaited his return in one year and six months. The families of the troops who enrolled on the same day as Jin were shocked by this as well.

A mother whose son enlisted in the military on the same day as Jin claimed that her family was extremely concerned and had planned to be at the barracks early when they learned that there would be a large throng upon hearing of the enlisting of a member of BTS. On the other hand, nobody is yelling, and there aren’t any crowded areas that people are jostling in.

Everything was incredibly steady and organized, even inside the barracks. She was astonished to see how well-organized Jin was. He was carefully sitting quietly on the family bench with his family. He didn’t join the line until all the other soldiers had completed forming it. Thus, nobody was aware of his presence.

The mother of the soldier was additionally taken aback by Jin’s appearance in person. All she said, according to her, was the honest assessment of all the parents present. They were taken aback by his height, small face, and youthful appearance. Her son is a healthy 178 cm tall. But they were taken aback by Jin’s height.

She also left out some information she had received from the military on the expansion of Jin and his comrades’ training hours inside the same division. Contrary to popular belief, the training phase lasts six weeks rather than five. Use of cell phones is completely forbidden during this time. They can begin daily video calls with family and friends after six weeks. People who have already lived in communal settings like dorms and sports clubs will adjust easily. Others, however, find it difficult to live fully cut off from the outer world at this time.

With knowledge of BTS, she also asserted that Seokjin spent a significant amount of time living in a dorm and was subject to several privacy constraints outside. She hoped he would find happiness with her kid and the other trainees despite the fаct that she now knew he would strᴜggle.

This demonstrates that Jin, whether acting as an idol or a civilian carrying out a soldier’s duty, has a good personality that radiates everywhere, and people should always be impressed by what he accomplishes. He is a terrific example for ARMYs to follow, and they should do so because of his positive demeanor.