Song Ji Hyo’s reaction to BTS’s Jin makes the men in Running Man jealous

Through the years, BTS’s Jin has undeniably lived up to the moniker “Worldwide Handsome” with his stunning good looks, skill, and charisma. In particular, he has the power to transform anybody into an ARMY who consistently exhibits the best emotions when they encounter Jin in person.

It appears that a famous person had an equally famous response, and that person is none other than Song Ji Hyo.

The much-awaited Running Man episode featuring Jin from BTS aired on November 6. It had several famous moments that revealed the idol’s genuine character, as was to be expected.

The cast members had to decide at the beginning of the show which team they would be in based on the vehicle they selected. Jin and Ji Suk Jin were the team’s leaders, and everyone else would be in whichever car the other cast members chose.

Song Ji Hyo, a female cast member, got the opportunity to choose after the majority had done so. Ji Hyo chose her vehicle as anticipated, doing it with conviction and sound logic.

When she opened the door, she didn’t appear too impressed. She appeared to grasp what had just transpired as her countenance became expressionless. When the rest of the car disclosed that BTS’s Jin was in the opposite car, her response became much funny.

Song Ji Hyo hurriedly exited the vehicle and went to the other van to find Jin. Kim Jong Kook was hesitant to allow her in the car when she arrived there, but she was аnxious about getting an opportunity to meet Jin.

Even Jong Kook was startled by her rapid response when she immediately reached over to welcome Jin after managing to unlock the door. Due to their “on-screen connection,” many online pundits suggested that he was truly envious of Song Ji Hyo’s enthusiasm.

Song Ji Hyo punched Kim Jong Kook and said, “I wish I had selected this van,” expressing her passion for her error.

When the video was made public, internet users were captivated by her emotions. People who watched the program realized how unique it was because Song Ji Hyo seldom got so enthused over male guests, which made her relatable AF to ARMYs.

The exchanges between Jin and the ensemble were unquestionably remarkable, and the show was genuinely classic. It appears that Jin’s good looks may even frighten celebrities into becoming likeable ARMYs.

How close Jin (BTS) is to a Running Man member is revealed by his рositive attitude

Recently, Jin (BTS) became a special guest on the show ” Running Man “, creating a head-to-head ϲonfrontatio with senior Ji Suk Jin when both have the same 𝚗ame, are both “eldest brothers” in the lineup/group music. With the participation of world-class stars, this week’s episode of ” Running Man ” is of great interest to many fans.

Right from the beginning of the program, Jin (BTS) said that he had told his seniors many times that he really ᴡanted to join ” Running Man ” and never had time to air. Talking about the real relationship between Jin and “eldest brother” Running Man , the BTS member affirmed, “It is true that I am very close to Suk Jin hyung. I even went out with him to Ԁrink.” Jin’s share surprised the Running Man members because he had always thought Ji Suk Jin was “fake”.

The two have been close since joining Running Man 2016

When asked if it was the one who paid for the date, not the “eldest brother” Running Man, the BTS member spoke up for the senior, “It is true that I paid for that appointment. Anyway, I He’s also a superstar, I can’t pay for these meals. Besides, he came quite late, we drank a lot at that time and he only had 1 Ԁrink.”

As the main characters for the race, Jin and Ji Suk Jin both wear the same outfit. The oldest member of Running Man said that he bought an expensive shirt out of his own pocket to match with Jin, and the pants and shoes were sent by the BTS team. When the Running Man members asked the “ƅig brother” to keep things clean and carefully return it to Jin, the BTS member immediately said, “No, you just keep it, as a show of love. just me”. Jin’s words surprised the Running Man members , and Ji Suk Jin was very grateful for the heart of the famous junior. It must be said that this week’s broadcast of “older brother” BTS made ARMY ( 𝚗amed FC BTS) extremely proud.

While the Running Man members reminded Ji Suk Jin to return things to the BTS members…

… then Jin said that Ji Suk Jin does not need to pay because this is a gift to show brotherhood.