Sorrow Of The Loneliest Dog In The World, 18.720 Visitors But No One Adopts

During 6 years at the animal center with more than 18,720 visitors, the dog Freya has not once felt the love of the owners.

During 6 years at the animal center with more than 18,720 visitors, the dog Freya has not once felt the love of the owners.

“Lonely” is probably a word that appears frequently in everyone’s life: a fall without an arm to lift, a sadness that has no sympathy. However, no one can embrace loneliness and live their whole life, not even animals.

Yet in England, the dog Freya, a Stafford bulldog, has suffered from loneliness for more than 6 years. If converted to human lifespan, it is probably half a decade of living in boredom and with no one around. Freya has been called “the loneliest dog in England”, but that title does not alleviate the sadness of this lonely old “dog”.


Freya is known as Britain’s loneliest dog.

The staff at the center set up Freya a Facebook account with more than 700 friends. However, despite having many friends on Facebook, Freya’s six years of life have not once enjoyed the full love of the owners. Only the iron kennels, the sympathetic looks of the caretakers and the sight of friends in the zoo coming and going with their new owners. More than 18,720 visitors came to adopt animals without anyone even looking at Freya.

When she was less than 6 months old, Freya was taken to the Freshfields animal center. To everyone here, Freya is always considered a sweet and friendly dog. However, everyone’s hopes dwindle when 6 years have passed and Freya is still not adopted.


Freya has been at the center for more than 6 years with more than 18,000 visitors, but no one has adopted Freya.

Center manager, Kate Jonese shared: “Freya was brought to the center at a very young age. We waited forever but no one came to adopt Freya. Year after year, Freya still hopes to have a real home of her own.”

The staff here all love Freya like their own pet dog. But maybe that’s not enough, when what Freya needs is a real family. Maybe, for the rest of her life, Freya will stay with Freshfields animal farm.

With each passing year, the staff updated Freya’s age on the website. Many people couldn’t help but feel emotional when they saw Freya getting older, quieter but still looking forward to a family. Things took a turn for the worse when Freya was diagnosed with epilepsy.


Freya was diagnosed with epilepsy. This makes his chances of being adopted less and less.

“Freya’s condition requires prompt treatment and blооd tests every three months. We hope that this does not extinguish Freya’s chances of finding an owner.”

“It would be great happiness for all center staff if Freya could be adopted. It deserves to be loved like any other dog in this world.”

For the center staff, Freya’s departure could make their hearts ache with sadness and tears. But it will be tears of joy and happiness when Freya can find a place to call home. Having Freya is a blessing for any owner.

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