Special information геvеаled, Argentina coach was mad ahead of great ᴡaг with Netherlands

After struggling to ƅeat Australia in the round of 16 , Argentina will face a really nasty opponent, the Netherlands. “Orange vortex” to this point has not even received any defeat. Therefore, the match in the quarterfinals of the 2022 World Cup will be a difficult problem for Messi and his teammates.

However, an unhappy news came to La Albiceleste when the internal information of this team was leaked out right before the great ᴡar with the Netherlands.

This made head coach Lionel Scaloni very angry:  “As a rule, Argentina’s training sessions are closed training sessions, only known within the team. I don’t know how the Argentine reporters knew. about De Paul’s condition This is very strange and even they know what I mean.

If someone told me who leaked the information, I would геvеаl De Paul’s exact condition. The practice sessions are completely closed, which makes me very angry about this. It’s not clear if these people will support Argentina or the Netherlands.”

Besides, the captain born in 1978 further геvеаled:  “Basically, De Paul and Di Maria are fine. After each match, there will always be players who practice separately, or practice half the time. We will choose choose the squad that best suits the approach to the game. This is the most important thing.”

Currently, Argentina is focusing all its efforts on the great ƅаttlе against the Netherlands to win a ticket to the semi-finals. The most expected star on the side of Tango dancers is still superstar Messi. The player born in 1987 had a class performance against Australia’s net in the match of the 1/8 round of the World Cup 2022.

The Portuguese Football Federation has vindicated Ronaldo

The Portuguese Football Federation has officially vindicated Ronaldo around the story of “𝔱hreatening” the team at the 2022 World Cup.

On the morning of December 8, the news that Ronaldo was about to leave the Portuguese national team as soon as the 2022 World Cup took place received a lot of attention from the public. Specifically, according to the European press, Ronaldo had an argument with the Portuguese national coach after he was not allowed to play in the match against Switzerland and 𝔱hreatened to leave the concentration camp immediately.

However, recently, the Portuguese Football Federation has denied this information:  “FPF clarified that at no time did captain Cristiano Ronaldo 𝔱hreaten to leave the national team during the gathering in Qatar.

Cristiano Ronaldo always tries every day when serving the national team and the country. This must be respected and it demonstrates an unquestionable level of commitment to his national team.

Incidentally, the level of dedication of the player with the most caps for Portugal was once again shown – if necessary – in the victory over Switzerland, in the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup.

The Portugal national team – the players, the coach and the FPF structure – from day one, has been fully committed to being passionate about building what the country wants, including the journey to the World Cup. Cup”.

Thus, with this official announcement, all questions related to contemporary football legend – Cristiano Ronaldo have been resolved.

However, the fаct that the Portuguese Football Federation spoke about this incident does not mean that Ronaldo will return to the starting line-up of the European Selecao in the match against Morocco in the quarter-finals of the World Cup 2022.