‘Special’ moment made BTS’s V realize he’s a star

V BTS is the most popular male beauty in K-pop today, not only familiar on Twitter when constantly becoming a topic of discussion, even making many items “sold out” in a flash, …

V BTS is the most popular member of the group, with a large global influence

I thought I understood my own influence, but it turns out that BTS V is completely unaware!

BTS handsome boy has no idea how popular he is

On the day the group received an interview on  News9  , the host asked V if he felt he was “like a world star”. The question not only made the male idol chuckle, but members Jimin, Suga, and Jin were also excited.

V then replied, “It feels more rеal now than before”. The male idol also shared about special moments that made him realize how popular he is. In the past, V still thought of himself as just a middle-class K-pop star.

The BTS member found the way the group’s fans have grown to expand through BTS’ family and even friends circle was an eye-opener for him. V said, “Friends of our family members tell us that they are ARMY, and many of my friends have also joined the fan club.”

When realizing how many people can reach and listen to his music, the male idol expressed how it helps him feel energetic, “Whenever I hear it, , it will cheer me up”.

Despite being the world’s top stars, the boys of BTS always impress the public with their humility.

Jimin (BTS) becomes ‘King of Kpop’ 2022

Overcoming members of EXO, Seventeen and NCT, Jimin ( BTS ) was voted as the ‘King of Kpop’ 2022.

On December 5, Korean media outlet  Star News  announced BTS ‘s Jimin as this year’s “King of Kpop”. Previously, Shining Awards – a polling website for global fans that ranked the top male idols in kimchi, including 10 nominations, were members from popular groups BTS, EXO , Seventeen, and BTS. SHINee and NCT .

Jimin (BTS) was voted as King of Kpop 2022


According to the results of the survey that ended on November 30, BTS’ vocalist Jimin came in at No. 1 after receiving a total of 95,803 votes (accounting for 42.57% of the total votes).

Before officially debuting with BTS in 2013, Jimin was known as the top dancer at Busan Arts High School. Besides performing skills, Jimin also possesses a unique voice and good-looking appearance.

Jimin topped the Kpop chart for a long time


In addition to doing a good job on stage, Jimin also regularly interacts with fans through social networking platforms . At the same time, he is also the role model of an idol who knows how to share, diligently donates to support difficult situations. It is known that this is not the first time Jimin has been chosen as the “King of Kpop “. Previously, he also received the title of “Kpop Idol of the Year”, “Kpop King” by  Dabeme  for 4 consecutive years…

Following Jimin is his close friend Kai (EXO), second with 87,305 votes (38.80%). He officially debuted in 2012 under SM Entertainment, as the main dancer of the group through EXO’s Һit series. He later expanded his career in music with a solo debut, featuring Һits Mmmh  and  Peaches.

Kai has a great influence in the fashion world

In addition to the music field, Kai also proves his charisma and strong influence in the field of fashion and beauty by becoming a global ambassador for Gucci, Bobbi Brown, YSL Beauty…

Another name that stands out on this list is SHINee’s Taemin . Dubbed the “ace of Kpop”, despite being on hiatus due to his military service , Taemin always appears in the top male idol charts. In the top 10, he is the only idol from the second generation of Kpop, debuted in 2008. Although he has been active for 14 years, Taemin still retains his charm in the current 4th generation era.

Taemin is known as the ‘ace of Kpop’

In fact, in 2019, Taemin debuted again as a member of the boy group SuperM with Kai (EXO), making a lot of influence in the US before the group halted activities because of his military service. According to recent news , SuperM will make an announcement back in early 2023.