Special parenting point of billionaire mother Elon Musk, creating genius and rich children

The mother of the richest billionaire on the planet Elon Musk shares that she always teaches her children about hard work and always lets them live with what they like.

Maye Musk was born in 1969, is a South African Canadian. She is an international supermodel, nutritionist, speaker and author of the book “A Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a Lifetime of Adventure, Beauty and Success”.: Tips for a life of adventure, beauty and success).


Mrs Maye Musk

Success is like that, but Maye Musk has a young age that is not easy. She joined the modeling village at the age of 15, married at the age of 22 and suffered from domestic violence for nearly 10 years. Until the age of 31, she decided to leave, being a single mother to raise 3 children. Her name is best known for being the mother of Elon Musk – the richest person on the planet at the moment. But not everyone knows that she has two other excellent and successful children. The second son Kimbal Musk is the founder of the food company The Kitchen Restaurant Group, a nonprofit called Big Green, and the urban farming company Square Roots. The youngest daughter Tosca Musk is currently an award-winning film and TV show producer and director.


Mrs. Maye Musk and her children

When asked how to raise such outstanding children, she only humbly admitted that she actually… had no secret, Maye Musk only taught her children about hard work and always letting Children can live with what they like.

Only I work to earn money early

Maye Musk shared that she started working as an assistant in her father’s chiropractic room when she was 8 years old. She was paid 5 cents an hour to help her father send out the monthly newsletter. At the age of 12, she started working as a receptionist at the clinic. That includes contracting patients, making them tea, taking X-rays, and receiving patients. She worked very hard and was paid by her father every month as much as an adult. She said her parents treat their children like adults, always helping her understand the value of labor and hard work.


Having enjoyed such an educational style, it is not surprising that Maye continues to use the same parenting motto. The Musk brothers were also assigned to work as assistants in her nutrition consulting room from an early age, and the youngest sister was also sent by her grandmother to a modeling school that she was also running at the time. Tosca has to learn to walk the catwalk, learn manners and run errands for her mother. All of Maye’s requests are not forced, but the children are always interested and self-motivated.

Let me decide for myself

“Super successful” mother Maye Musk once shared with the press: “I raised my children like my parents raised me with the 5 most important virtues: independence, kindness, honesty, attentive and polite. I teach my children the importance of working hard and doing good work. I don’t treat them like babies that need to be petted, nor do I scold or force them. I never force them to learn this or that. I never check my children’s homework: It’s their own responsibility and they have to do it on their own.”

As they get older, they will continue to take responsibility for their own future through the decisions they make. Tosca chose her high school. All of her children apply to colleges of her choice and complete applications for scholarships and student loans.

“Children do not need to be sheltered, they need to learn to be responsible. My children have benefited from watching me work hard to make ends meet and raise them. When they entered university, they were still living in below-average conditions, sharing a dilapidated dormitory with lack of amenities. But once you get used to it, you’ll be fine with that. Children do not need and should not be spoiled. Once you’ve made sure your kids are in a safe environment, let them take care of themselves and do their own thing,” she added.

Teaching children the value of work, how to be independent and responsible is the guideline in Mrs. Maye Musk’s parenting motto. She commented that because parents do not understand the value of these things, they often worry too much about their children. Her advice to them is to let the children fill out the application, apply for admission, whether it is university or applying for a job. Teach your children the attitude of life, how to be human, but never force or ask them to do anything.

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