Step Inside the Enchanting $6.5 Million Abode of Lady Gaga: Exclusive Photos Included

Lady Gaga is one of the most popular singers today. She has released hit singles such as Just Dance, Bad Romance, Love Game, Shallow, and many others. Lady Gaga is an Oscar Award winner. With a successful musician and actress like Lady Gaga, have you ever wondered how a pop singer like her lives?

Well, wonder no more.

This article features Lady Gaga’s $6.5 million home in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California.

During the same year she starred in House of Gucci, she also decided to let go of one of her luxurious properties. In 2021, she listed a Hollywood Hills home on the market. It’s worth noting that Lady Gaga previously acquired the home back in 2015 for $5.3 million from fellow musician Frank Zappa, with the transaction completed by the latter’s children. Six years later, Lady Gaga sold it for $6.5 million to model Elizabeth Jagger.

Here are some photos of Lady Gaga’s $6.5 million home in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California.

Photos courtesy of: Dirt

Originally built in 1939, the property has gone through several renovations since then. However, financial information about the said renovations have yet to be disclosed. Lady Gaga’s old property sits on 0.56 acres of land. Furthermore, it encompasses 6,759 square feet of living spaces. The home includes seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. It features a minimalist dining area, a decent kitchen, a large art gallery, two recording studios, a spacious living room, and many others. With an interior like this, it isn’t a surprise that she was inspired to write up some of her notable songs from the Chromatica album such as Rain on Me, Replay, 911, and many others.

While the home’s interior has been great, the Oscar Award winner probably didn’t have problems getting some fresh air outdoors. The property’s backyard includes a swimming pool and plenty of green spaces filled with various grass, plants and trees which are ideal for gardening. Moreover, there is also a tennis court on the home’s rooftop.

It’s safe to say that Gaga established herself as one of the best pop/dance singers. However, she ultimately convinced everyone that she also has the acting chops after starring in the hit dramatic film A Star Is Born. With Lady Gaga’s success, it isn’t a surprise that she can afford to live a lavish lifestyle. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has a net worth of around $320 million.

Nevertheless, this is all the information that we have on Lady Gaga’s $6.5 million home in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California.