Steph Curry citizenship award

Steph Curry Honored with Distinguished PBWA Citizenship Award

The Golden State Warriors’ superstar, Steph Curry, has won countless awards. a two-time Most Valuable Player. Dual champion. the undisputed leader in total tees produced. MVP of the series. Is a nine-time member of the All-Sta. And as of rather recent memory, a nine-time All-NBA pick.

To name a few examples.

Another honor has been bestowed upon him. Considering how much he talks about wanting his legacy to transcend beyond basketball, it may matter almost as much to him, despite the fαct that it may not be as shiny or stand out as much on an ultimate Hall of Fame resume.

The Professional Basketball Writers Association announced Cuy as the recipient of the John F. Kennedy Citizenship Award for the next season on Thursday.

The PBWA characterizes the epidemic as The award is presented yearly by the Professional Basketball Writers Association to a player, coach, or athletic trainer “who demonstrates outstanding service and dedication to the community” and is named after the NBA’s second commission. In a press release, they highlighted his meetings with President Joe Bιden and Vice President Kamala Harris during the Warriors’ trip to the White House, as well as his frequent availability to meet with fans from across the country.

In the press release, PBWA president Howard Beck was quoted as saying, “Few athletes have as great a reach or as powerful a platform as Steph Curry, and he has used it to the fullest extent to benefit others.” Professional Basketball Writers Association members applaud him and the other nominees for their exemplary efforts.


A season without controversy was not entirely absent for Cuddy, who became embroiled in the FtX crypto controversy and drew criticism for his NImBY stance about housing plans in Athens, where he resides.

The fαct that he made time every year to meet with fans, advocate for equality and equity, and work selflessly on community outreach and philanthropic projects means that even his harshest critics would concede that he done far more good than wrong in the community.


Since the award’s inception for the 1974–1975 season, Cuy has become the first player from Washington to take home the trophy. Wenyen Gabriel of the Los Angeles Lakers, Paul George of the Los Angeles Clippers, and Giant Williams of the Boston Celtics were the other three finalists this year.