Sterling геvеаled he may not continue to play World Cup 2022 with England

Sharing about the incident of an armed robbery, Raheem Sterling said: “No way. I won’t go anywhere until my family is 100% safe.”

Less than 24 hours before England entered the match against Senegal, Raheem Sterling’s wife Paige discovered her house had been robbed. The g̵ang broke in and stole the watch, along with some jewelry worth up to £300,000. According to  The Sun  , Raheem Sterling is the fourth victim targeted by these robbers in recent months.

Immediately after hearing the news, Raheem Sterling left England’s headquarters in Qatar to return to his family. He also decided to take his relatives to the Oxshott hotel, located in Surrey to stay. At this time, Raheem Sterling coordinated with the police and arranged security patrols day and night.

This is not the first time a football star living in Cobham has faced robberies. The most recent case is Reece James, another player playing for Chelsea. In September 2021, the 1999 defender was robbed and stolen the medals of the C1, European Super Cup and EURO 2020.

The  Sun  revealed that there is a potential risƙ of an organized crime g̵ang trying to target football stars. Center-back Harry Maguire said that Raheem Sterling’s incident is making many members of the Three Lions feel worried. However, the player on the MU payroll also stood out to reassure the team spirit.

After the match against Senegal, coach Gareth Southgate shared that he did not know the specific time Raheem Sterling would return to Qatar. However, the captain of the Three Lions believes that family is the most important and Raheem Sterling is unlikely to attend the rest of the 2022 World Cup with England.

Vinicius: Brazil will ‘jump Samba’ until the 2022 World Cup final

Vinicius Jr is confident that Brazil can continue to recreate the ‘Samba dance’ on the way to the 2022 World Cup final. He wants to win the tournament with his teammates to send his gratitude to the ‘King of Football’ ‘ Pele.

Brazil has just defeated South Korea with a score of 4-1 to win the right to the quarter-finals of the World Cup 2022. This is a convincing, impressive and equally beautiful victory. Vinicius Jr and his teammates really ‘dance Samba’ in front of the representative of Asia.

Beautifully from the table to help Selecao break the deadlock of Vinicius Jr to the situation of controlling the ball with Richarlison’s head before raising the score to 3-0. Even a ‘worker’ like Casemiro turns into an ‘artist’ in the midfield…

Talking about this victory, Vinicius couldn’t help but get excited. The star of the Real Madrid club said that he and his teammates had just had a great game.

“  That’s normal. Time passes and we grow in each game. With each passing game, we are more confident and more harmonious. Today, we create a lot of space. We move a lot and show our individuality on the pitch to create a great victory together,  ” quoted the 22-year-old player.

Vinicius Jr admitted Brazil can maintain its performance against South Korea until the 2022 World Cup final. He wants to win the tournament with Selecao taking place in Qatar to pay tribute to the “King of Football” Pele – who has just moved into hospice care.

“  We can keep ‘jumping Samba’ until the final. We want to give Pele a big hug. He is in need of strength. This victory belongs to him. Pele can get out of this situation and we want to win the tournament because of him  .”

Besides the opening goal, Vinicius Jr also created an assist for Lucas Paqueta to increase the gap to 4 goals. His performance was scored by Whoscored 8.2 – the second highest among the starting players of the two teams, just behind Richarlison (8.3 points).