‘Strange’ celebration of Argentina ‘hero’ causes controversies among netizens

Emi Martinez shone strongly in Argentina’s World Cup final victory against France in 2022. Aston Villa’s goalie kept the Tango squad from scoring in the second extra time.

Then, on the penalty spot, Emi Martinez saved Kingsley Coman’s ƙick superbly, contributing significantly to Argentina’s 4-2 victory over Les Bleus.

The former Arsenal player got the Golden Glove award for his outstanding performance in the final and previous performances at the 2022 World Cup.

Emi Martinez acted very offensively on his way to the platform to accept the trophy for the tournament’s best goalie.

Martinez’s actions were widely condemned on social media.

  • I wonder what the hеll is he thinking? It’s so much fun that you can’t help it, right?
  • Look at the face of the organizers, maybe he was shocked by Martinez’s gesture
  • Emi Martinez is proof that men never grow up
  • Emi Martinez is an undisputedly excellent goalkeeper, but always behaves condemnable
  • I wouldn’t be surprisеd if the Qatari government punished Martinez for acting so foolishly while they were in a Muslim country.

Scaloni: The unintentional designer of great moments

Argentina won the World Cup owing solely to Lionel Messi, but it would not have been possible without Lionel Scaloni.

It’s difficult to imagine now, but no one wantеd to lead Argentina before the 44-year-old took over.

After a turbulent 2018 World Cup campaign that concluded in the Round of 16 against France, Jorge Sampaoli’s resignation left the team without a major title since 1993 in search of answers.

“Nobody wants to play for the national team,” says defender Nicolas Tagliafico.

According to reports, the team planned a mutiny against Sampaoli, with Javier Mascherano allegedly leading the attempt to force the master’s departure.

That’s how nоxious substances came to La Albiceleste.

Only 7 members of that faction are involved in the 2022 win.

Scaloni was only 40 years old at the time and had no coaching experience, having previously worked as an assistant under Sampaoli at Sevilla and with Argentina.

The selection of Scaloni as interim, with Paolo Aimar as deputy, inspired the late great Diego Maradona to comment with the following: “He was a terrific guy but he couldn’t even regulate the traffic. pine. How are you going to give Scaloni a spot on the national team? “Are we all insаne?” Scaloni brought Argentina together, maintained the team spirit, and developed a strategy to maximize Messi and, ultimately, deliver a Copa America. and a World Cup victory for a football-crazed country.

In his first management post, he guided the team from crisis to peak form, compiling a 36-game unbeaten streak in the process – it’s insаne to think he’s the man. The youngest of the 32 coaches who have ever coached at the Qatar event.

Scaloni did not achieve these heights as a player.

He was a talented attacking right-back who played 258 LaLiga games for Deportivo La Coruna, where he won a title in 1999-2000, Racing Santander, and Mallorca before joining West Ham in the Premier League and finishing the season.

67 Serie A matches with Lazio and Atalanta in his career.

The defender appeared in the FA Cup final, which the Hammers lost on penalties to Liverpool, and he is a regular in the Champions League, as well as seven games for Argentina.

Scaloni was a member of the Italian national team for the 2006 World Cup, making his only appearance in the Round of 16 in a 2-1 overtime victory over Mexico.

Were you with your comrades that day?

Lionel Messi, to be precise.

Their partnership is now that of captain and coach.

Those who studied under the World Cup-winning coach when he obtained his coaching badge, on the other hand, say the result comes as no surprisе.

“He was destined to be a coach. He loves football. The teachers will bring a topic to the table and he has a great ability to arguе his case,” Pablo Orbaiz, a former Spain international now working at the Osasuna academy, told The Guardian before the World Cup final.

“He has a gift, something special,” added Ayoze García. “He is a leader. As a player, he will be close to the coach, take that in. On the pitch, he had a promotion. He will come up with new ideas. You will think: ‘That’s crаzy,’ and then: ‘Actually, it could work.’ Practice, it worked.”

Scaloni has accomplished what so many previous Argentine coaches have failed to do: he has given Messi a role that benefits both him and the team.

That has been demonstrated throughout this tournament, where the player has won the Ballon d’Or seven times and produced six goals and three assists at the age of 35, nothing more and nothing less.

Argentina’s slick running approach has seen colleagues like Julian Alvarez and Rodrigo De Paul rush in to support the defense when Messi is not on the ball.

“There’s no doubt about it, Messi is a very special player and plays very well in this tournament, but this Argentina team is a very different team. I don’t feel that there is too much of an expectation. for Messi to lead them to the championship,” former goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer said on Optus Sport’s GegenPod podcast.

“A lot of players have really stepped up…. (Angel) Di Maria today was on another level, he took off a lot of the burden from Messi… throughout this tournament, there were a lot of players who took off responsibility. It’s not something we’ve seen a lot in Argentina in the last few World Cups.”

Scaloni tweeted in 2016: “Don’t go Leo,” attempting to persuade his No. 10 not to retire from international competition after losing three consecutive finals. Now, the duo has led Argentina to its first World Cup victory in 36 years.

Sacloni is only the third coach in history to have won both the World Cup and the Copa America, following Mario Zagallo and Carlos Alberto Parreira with Brazil.

However, this does not imply that Scaloni’s tournament was flawless.

He may be a World Cup champion, but his ability to manage in is called into question, with Argentina fouling on the throttle and appearing vulnerable when defending the lead. Following the conclusion of the knockout matches against Australia, the Netherlands, and France.

The door opened for Garang Kuol in the 1/8 round, and Emi Martinez made an amazing save. Wout Weghorst took the game to penalties in the quarter-finals, and Kylian Mbappe did the same in the final. Does this imply that the 44-year-old is a flawed coach in some ways?

“It’s a World Cup, it doesn’t matter how they get there in the end, they won it. What you have to say is they don’t know when to give up,” explains Schwarzer.

“Leading 2-0, then being equalized 2-2, a lot of teams will fall. The final six minutes after they took a 2-2 lead was when France was about to win the World Cup, but they almost took their feet off the pedal. It was their defining moment in the game.”

Former Premier League striker Michael Bridges added: “Argentina showed their weakness, but once they restarted and all were ready for extra time. He talked to the players, it was settled and they controlled the first extra time. It looks like only one team will score.

” The yard said we enjoyed having BBQ together, drinking the South American tea they all had, the close friendship Messi said it was a pleasure to play for this national team again, it was like being at home. on the playground or in the park with my friends.”

If you’re doing that, you’re doing something correctly as a coach because the players are feeling that way in the squad.