‘Stunned’ with Kim Kardashian’s huge fortune

In the last few months, Kim Kardashian's fortune has increased by hundreds of millions of dollars, making the super-beautiful hip fall into the ranks of "American billionaires".

In the last few months, Kim Kardashian’s fortune has increased by hundreds of millions of dollars, making the super-beautiful hip fall into the ranks of “American billionaires”.


Forbes magazine has just announced,  Kim Kardashian now owns a fortune of 1 billion USD, this figure is up sharply from 780 million USD reported in October last year. (Source: Daily Mail)


Kim Kardashian joins the list of billionaires voted by Forbes magazine for the first time. According to this popular magazine, her skyrocketing fortune is thanks to her two fashion and cosmetics businesses, as well as money from reality TV shows and a number of smaller investments. (Source: Daily Mail)


Kim Kardashian founded cosmetics brand KKW Beauty in 2017. She advertises and sells products online. Thanks to owning more than 213 million followers on Instagram, Kim Kardashian advertises very effectively right on her personal page. (Source: Daily Mail)


Following her success in the cosmetics business, Kim launched a fashion line called Skims in 2019. (Source: Daily Mail)


Skims sold well with Kim Kardashian as the main model. She recently opened a boutique at an upscale shopping center in Los Angeles, USA. (Source: Daily Mail)


Kim Kardashian is not only successful as a businessman, she is also studying law and will become a lawyer in the future, following in her father’s footsteps. (Source: Daily Mail)


The super beauty of the hip and her ex-husband Kanye West are now US dollar billionaires. Kanye West was in the fashion business before his ex-wife and his fortune is estimated at $ 1.8 billion. (Source: Daily Mail)


Kanye West – Kim Kardashian has broken up. The couple did not have much difficulty in dividing the property because they signed a marriage contract. Kim Kardashian currently lives with her four children in a $60 million mansion and her husband has moved to live on a farm. (Source: Daily Mail)

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