Suga Reunites With His Dog Holly And Proves He’s The Best Dog Dad

Min Holly is living his best life!

Suga BTS recently updated ARMYs about his life with a new post on Instagram, posting a photo of a trip.


In the past month, ARMYs rarely see Suga’s face. He shocked people when he appeared as a guest on Psy’s That That stage.

In addition, he also saw the same BTS members at World Expo 2030 in Busan, where they are honorary ambassadors.


Most recently, he shared that he had a trip with his family. He posted a series of beautiful photos of the historical sites he visited.


He looks very relaxed and enjoying himself.


In particular, the trip also has the participation of baby dog Holly! Although Suga is a person who rarely shows his emotions and often keeps a cold appearance. However, every time he was with Holly, he seemed to lower all barriers!


He is also picky about celebrating his pet’s birthday like this.


In Suga’s new post, Holly seems to be at her best as she pokes her head out of the car window to get some fresh air. A strangely peaceful scene!

Min Holly herself is a star. This puppy becomes a Twitter trend every time “dad” Suga posts.


Netizens also humorously pointed out that while Holly was sitting on the side, Suga had to sit in the back seat. Anyone with young children knows that babies always love to sit in the front and everyone must give this priority to them! It’s like Suga giving in to Holly!


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