Suga’s Net Worth 2022: How Rich Is BTS’s ‘Music Wizard’?

Are ARMYs curious about BTS Suga's net worth?

Min Yoon Gi is commonly known by the stage names Suga and Agust D. He became globally famous after debuting as the main rapper of boy group BTS in June 2013. Years after debuting with the group, Suga has become one of the top idols in the industry. Not only because of his incredible rapping and production skills, but also because of his immense influence around the world.


Since debut, Suga has been active as a member of BTS and individual activities. With Suga having more than 9 years in the industry, how rich did rapper Daechwita become?

Suga’s net worth in 2022

According to SeoulSpace estimates, Suga has a personal net worth of about $31 million as of this year. However, his net worth could be as high as $33 million.

Given BTS’ huge global popularity over the years, plus the group’s influence and loyal fan base, Suga’s net worth figure is not surprising.


But with his $33 million in earnings, is the 29-year-old the richest member of the bunch?

The answer is no, because the richest member of BTS currently is J-Hope. However, Suga is behind with the 2nd richest position.

Where does Suga’s income come from?

Suga has earned a huge fortune through income from promotional activities with BTS. This includes the profits from their music releases, as well as souvenirs.

Along with that, BTS also earns a significant amount of money from endorsement deals, broadcast appearances, and more.

In fact, BTS as a group has a net worth of over $100 million, giving Suga a base salary of around $8 million per year. He earned another 16 million USD with 68,000 shares invested in HYBE Labels, bringing his total net worth to 24 million USD, excluding Suga’s own income from solo activities.


When it comes to music, Suga also earns a decent amount from royalties. He has a long list of songs credited as a songwriter, composer, and producer by the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), not just for BTS and his own releases. , but also for other musicians.

As a solo artist, Suga has released mixtape named Agust D and D-2 with many famous solo songs such as So Far Away, The Last, Tony Montana, Agust D, Give It To Me, Daechwita. ..


Suga has also produced for other artists, including PSY, Suran, Epik High, Heize, IU, OMI and even for Samsung HYBE.

Suga also earns a decent amount from his personal Instagram account. According to reports, Suga earns about $54,000 per sponsored post, which can go up to $644,000 with 37.4 million followers.

With Suga’s continued success, the rapper was able to earn the net worth he has today.


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