Super rookie to be welcomed by Man Utd soon?

Adrien Rabiot was bid farewell by Juventus supporters, who also subtly indicated that the incoming 27-year-old midfielder would be playing football in England

A video of the midfielder Adrien Rabiot’s encounter with the owner of the crazycouplesardaigne TikTok social network account has just been uploaded. The French midfielder was suspected of joining MU until this account holder abruptly stated that he was ready to quit Juventus and move to England.


“The star of Juventus, Rabiot, and I are currently traveling to England. I hope the best for you, brother. Goodbye, “owner of the crazycouplesardaigne TikTok account. Rabiot just said, “Thank you, goodbye,” in response, but he did not dispute that he was set to sign with an English squad.

Rabiot’s name has shot to fame in the media after being singled out by MU. The “Red Devils” reportedly agreed to pay Juventus £ 15 million in transfer fees, plus £ 5 million in surcharges, in order to get the 27-year-old player, according to the Manchester Evening News.


The midfielder’s biological mother and agent, Ms. Veronique, is said to have given her approval of the personal terms between MU and Rabiot, according to Italian writer Sacha Tavolieri.

John Murtough, the football director at MU, was spotted by the media meeting Ms. Veronique in Turin last week. It is well known that the 63-year-old woman has a significant impact on Rabiot’s career and frequently puts out “claims” for clubs that are interested in signing Rabiot. So it’s a big step forward that MU and Ms. Veronique could come to an arrangement.

The Frenkie De Jong contract is unaffected by MU’s successful recruitment of Rabiot, according to the Sport Mole page. In addition to pursuing a striker in case Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be retained before the summer transfer market in 2022 ends, MU is still hoping to persuade the Dutch midfielder to join the team.


French football’s Rabiot is a gifted player who won 18 major and minor honours while wearing the PSG jersey from 2012 to 2019—typically 5 Ligue 1 crowns, 4 French Cups, and 5 French League Cups. After joining Juventus, he continued to prove his worth by winning one Italian Super Cup, one Coppa Italia, and one Serie A championship.


Rabiot is regarded by experts to be a contemporary, all-around, and versatile midfielder in terms of playing style. Because of this, he is able to play a variety of positions in addition to central midfielder, including “No. 6” (creative midfielder, playing style), defensive midfielder, and winger. assault midfield.

Coach Ten Hag would probably employ Rabiot in the role of “number 6” and anticipate him to develop into a valuable addition to the middle line of the Old Trafford club if MU is unable to get De Jong.

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