Swifties Are Up In Arms Over Taylor Ignoring The Anniversary Of ‘Evermore’!

Taylor Swift had a big year in 2020. She released not just one sᴜrprise album, but two: Folklore and Evermore. She also put out a concert called Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions on Disney+, where she played each song from Folklore. On July 24, the singer shared a post about the first anniversary of her hit album Folklore. To make the event even more special, she shared the original version of one of the songs on the album, “The Lakes.”

Since Swift gave the album extra attention, many of her fans were ready for her to write another touching tribute post about Evermore, which came out on Dec. 11, 2020. But fans were let down when December 11, 2021 came and went without Swift saying anything about the album’s first anniversary. Swifties always have a theory about what Swift does or doesn’t do, which is why these tweets about Taylor Swift ignoring Evermore’s anniversary are so funny.

Many of the tweets suggested that Swift may have missed the album’s anniversary on purpose to send a message to her fans, hinting that she’s “got some tricks up” her sleeve, a reference to Swift’s song “cowboy like me” on Evermore.

Even though Swift’s anniversary card never arrived, Aaron Dessner still wished the album he co-wrote and produced a happy birthday. But Dessner posted the tweet on Dec. 10, a day too early. He even mentioned Swift in the tweet, and many fans think he was trying to remind her that the album’s birthday was coming up.

Since Swift hasn’t said anything about the album’s birthday, a fan called Dessner a single father because he did, even though he was one day early.

Fans even took stills and gifs from Taylor Swift’s latest music video, “All Too Well,” which has a lot of sad birthday references.

Swifties aren’t happy with Ticketmaster right now.

Well, the only official way to get tickets for Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour turned out to be through pre-sale. Through Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan Program, many Swift fans signed up to get tickets before they went on sale for her upcoming concert series, which starts in March 2023. But not every fan had an easy time leaving. It was said that the ticket seller’s website crashed, making people who wanted to buy tickets wait in long lines.

Ticketmaster canceled the general sale of tickets for The Eras Tour on November 17 because there were “insufficient” tickets left after the Verified Fan and Capital One presales. Greg Maffei, the chairman of LiveNation, told CNBC before this announcement that 14 million people tried to get presale tickets on Nov. 15. Only 1.5 “verified” slots were available for presale, though.

Maffei told CNBC, “Despite all the problems and breakdowns, we did sell more than 2 million tickets that day.” “We could have had 900 stadiums full.”

Maffie also told CNBC that the Live Nations team felt “sympathy” for fans who couldn’t buy tickets. “[The] reality is it’s a function of the massive demand that Taylor Swift has,” he said.

Fans and public officials have said bad things about Ticketmaster since the presale problems. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even said that the merger between Ticketmaster and LiveNation should be “broken up.”

On November 17, Ticketmaster said something about the mess with the presale tickets. They said that the 2 million tickets sold on November 15 were the most any artist had ever sold in one day.

“We try to make it as easy as possible for fans to buy tickets, but for many people trying to buy tickets for The Eras Tour, that hasn’t been the case,” they wrote. Ticketmaster also defended the Verified Fan program by saying they use it “to help manage high-demand shows” and “identify real humans” to stop bots from buying too many tickets.

Swift has not publicly addressed the presale fiasco or Ticketmaster’s general ticket sale cancellation.