Swifties found a ‘unbelievable’ theory from Taylor Swift’s first movie!

Taylor Swift is now a director, but her projects are still just as мysterious as they were before. That’s not easy to do, though, because her fans are trained to find even the smallest clues and hints in every detail.

So, Swift hasn’t said what her just-announced feature film will be about yet, but Swifties have already come up with a strong theory that “The Last Great American Dynasty” will be retold in Swift’s first movie as a director. Why did you choose that song? Well, let’s get into it.

Swift didn’t say anything after Searchlight announced on December 9 that she would be in her first feature-length film, but her fans already knew. Swift made the announcement after directing her own music videos several times, including a 10-minute version of “All Too Well” in 2021.

Many Swifties wondered if the first movie she’ll direct will be based on one of her songs because of how closely her directing has been linked to her music. And one song in particular came to mind: “The Last Great American Dynasty,” the third track on 2020’s Folklore album.

Not only does the folksy pop song tell a great story about a badly treated socialite, but Swift has said she would like to see it made into a movie. Fans quickly remembered that a couple of months after Folklore came out in the summer of 2020, Swift responded to a fan who thought “The Last Great American Dynasty” would make a good movie. Swift replied with a tweet: “Not trying to be The Loudest Woman This Town Has Ever SeenTM, but… I LOVE THIS.”

Swift’s best friend Blake Lively would play mid-century socialite Rebekah Harkness, while Lively’s real-life husband Ryan Reynolds would play Rebekah’s doomed husband Bill, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson would play Rebekah’s dog-owning neighbor with whom she had a fight.

Swift said that she got the idea for “The Last Great American Dynasty” when she found out about the previous owner of the Rhode Island house she lived in. The song compares Rebekah Harkness, an extravagant outcast who was wrongly blamed for the мurder of her rich husband by the town, to Taylor Swift, whose popularity has gone up and down over the years.

Fans pointed out that since Swift now owns Harkness’ house, she already has the perfect set for a movie based on the book.

With all the buzz about Taylor Swift’s big movie deal, this “Last Great American Dynasty” theory has become the one that Swift fans are most attached to.

Fans are hoping that Swift will drop more of her famous Easter eggs soon so they can find out if they are right about this theory. Swifties will have a lot of fun thinking about everything until then.

Ticketmaster opened up a few more seats for next year’s Taylor Swift concert. There is one catch, though: not all Swifties will be able to buy tickets. On December 12, the company that sells tickets emailed some fans to let them know that they had been chosen to take part in another sale. But the new round was only open to Verified Fans who got “boosts” during the presale but didn’t buy tickets.

Vulture says that these “boosts” were given to Swift fans who also bought her merchandise or tickets to Lover Fest. Swift’s 2020 tour was called “Lover Fest.” Many of these fans had trouble getting tickets for Swift’s 2023 tour, even though they were supposed to have an easier time than those without “boosts.”

Those who met the requirements got an email that said, “You have been identified as a fan who got a boost during the Verified Fan presale but did not buy tickets.” We’re sorry for any problems you may have had, and Taylor’s team has asked us to give you this extra chance to buy tickets.

Ticketmaster also made a page with answers to questions about the most recent round of tickets.

Just a few weeks ago, on Nov. 15, the Ticketmaster website crashed after about 14 million people and bots tried to buy tickets to The Eras tour before they went on sale. Ticketmaster canceled the general sale on November 18 because there were not “enough” tickets left after the presale.

Swift blamed Ticketmaster for the mess in an Instagram Story post on November 18. “There are many reasons why it was so hard for people to get tickets, and I’m trying to figure out how this can be fixed in the future,” she wrote. “I won’t blame anyone, because we asked them more than once if they could handle this kind of demand, and they said they could.”

Swift said in her statement that it “pisses her off” that her fans had to go through “several bear attacks” to get tickets, which she thought was “truly amazing.” She promised that she and her fans would have “more chances” to meet in person.

Because of the Swift mess-up, Ticketmaster is being sued right now. After not being able to buy tickets, a group of Swifties sued Ticketmaster on December 2 for “fraud, misrepresentation, and fraudulent inducement” in Los Angeles County District Court.

The Justice Department also opened an investigation into Live Nation Entertainment, which is the parent company of Ticketmaster, because there may have been an abuse of power during the ticket mess.