Swifties Think Drake Shaded Taylor For ‘Unacceptable’ Reason !

Is is dark in here? Because Swfities can tell there’s something wrong. On November 14, Billboard released the Hot 100’s top 10 songs for the week. For the Nov. 19 chart, Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” from Midnights took the No. 1 spot for the third time, while Drake and 21 Savage put eight songs from their album “Her Loss” at the top. After the news came out, Drake congratulated 21 Savage and may have made fun of Swift in the process.

On November 14, Drake shared Billboard’s Top 10 Instagram posts on his IG Story. He put “@21savage congrats my brother ” as the caption for the Story.

Seems like nothing, right? Well, there was one big reason why his post made fans raise their eyebrows. He put a bunch of emojis over Swift’s No. 1 spot. One could say Drake hid Swift’s name to highlight his and 21 Savage’s accomplishments, but he didn’t hide the No. 10 song, “Unholy” by Sam Smith and Kim Petras.

This comes just a few weeks after Swift broke a Drake-held Billboard Hot 100 record. On October 31, the singer was the first person to have a song in every spot in the Top 10.

So, could Drake have made fun of Swift because she was higher on the charts than he was? Some fans are sure of it. One fan tweeted, “Drake is being mean to Taylor because she beat him on the charts. Like, bffr, it was YOUR choice to put out your album right after hers.”

Someone else said that Drake might not have only talked bad about Swift recently. This person tweeted, “Why is Drake so petty right now, especially toward successful women?” They were probably talking about how Drake seemed to put down Megan Thee Stallion on his Her Loss track “Circo Loco.”

Drake and Swift have been friends for a long time, so some Swift fans don’t understand why Drake covered up her name. “I really feel bad for Taylor. One fan said, “She’s always so nice to everyone, she doesn’t care about competition (maybe because she doesn’t have any), and there’s always someone picking on her.” “Like. Drake doesn’t have to prove anything, but he’s still shady, so what’s the point?

It’s important to note that neither Taylor Swift nor Drake has directly mentioned the other in relation to the current Billboard charts, so for now, this is just a fan rᴜмоᴜг.

Ticketmaster opened up a few more seats for next year’s Taylor Swift concert. There is one catch, though: not all Swifties will be able to buy tickets. On December 12, the company that sells tickets emailed some fans to let them know that they had been chosen to take part in another sale. But the new round was only open to Verified Fans who got “boosts” during the presale but didn’t buy tickets.

Vulture says that these “boosts” were given to Swift fans who also bought her merchandise or tickets to Lover Fest. Swift’s 2020 tour was called “Lover Fest.” Many of these fans had trouble getting tickets for Swift’s 2023 tour, even though they were supposed to have an easier time than those without “boosts.”

Those who met the requirements got an email that said, “You have been identified as a fan who got a boost during the Verified Fan presale but did not buy tickets.” We’re sorry for any problems you may have had, and Taylor’s team has asked us to give you this extra chance to buy tickets.

Ticketmaster also made a page with answers to questions about the most recent round of tickets.

Just a few weeks ago, on Nov. 15, the Ticketmaster website crashed after about 14 million people and bots tried to buy tickets to The Eras tour before they went on sale. Ticketmaster canceled the general sale on November 18 because there were not “enough” tickets left after the presale.

Swift blamed Ticketmaster for the mess in an Instagram Story post on November 18. “There are many reasons why it was so hard for people to get tickets, and I’m trying to figure out how this can be fixed in the future,” she wrote. “I won’t blame anyone, because we asked them more than once if they could handle this kind of demand, and they said they could.”

Swift said in her statement that it “pisses her off” that her fans had to go through “several bear attacks” to get tickets, which she thought was “truly amazing.” She promised that she and her fans would have “more chances” to meet in person.

Because of the Swift mess-up, Ticketmaster is being sued right now. After not being able to buy tickets, a group of Swifties sued Ticketmaster on December 2 for “fraud, misrepresentation, and fraudulent inducement” in Los Angeles County District Court.

The Justice Department also opened an investigation into Live Nation Entertainment, which is the parent company of Ticketmaster, because there may have been an abuse of power during the ticket mess.