Rashford ‘pushes’ the record of the Manchester United legend

England forward ʜɪᴛ a major milestone with his winning goal in Wednesday’s encounter with Brentford. Marcus Rashford equaled Manchester United…

‘Unimaginable’: Rooney’s incredible real estate portfolio includes £20m ‘Morrisons’ mansion and secret luxury Barbados pad

THEY might bе wогth аn еstimаtеd £115milliоn, but Wаynе аnd Cоlееn Rооnеy’s Chеshiге mаnsiоn hаs bееn mоϲkеd fог ‘lооking likе…

The Man Utd legend points out the 3 most ‘outstanding’ names in the Red Devils

Casemiro, Marcus Rashford and Raphael Varane have been selected by club legends Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney as Manchester United’s…

28 football players who resemble cartoons: Ninja Mbappe, Simpson Ronaldo, Phantom Dybala

28 footballers who resemble cartoons.

The Wealth Of Man Utd Legend Wayne Rooney And His Million Dollar Car Collection

In Liverpool, England, on October 24, 1985, Wayne Mark Rooney was born. He played for EPL clubs like Everton and Manchester United and is currently a professional football manager.

Wazza 2.0 continues his father’s legacy by scoring in final victory over bitter ʀɪᴠᴀʟs City

Kai Rooney scored a goal against Man Utd’s crosstown ʀɪᴠᴀʟs Man City, demonstrating that he was a pro.