Take A Look At Lil Wayne’s Insane Jewelry Collection

Lil Wayne has one of the fanciest jewelry collections that amounts to millions of dollars.

Following his inclusion in the band Hot Boys in 1997, Lil Wayne experienced significant success as his songs climbed the Billboard charts. At the young age of 17, he opted to embark on a solo career, releasing his debut album in 1999. It wasn’t until the release of “Tha Carter” in 2004 that Lil Wayne began to garner mainstream recognition. Concurrently, he founded his record label, Young Money Entertainment. Under this label, he signed relatively unknown artists such as Drake and Nicki Minaj, who have since risen to become some of the most prominent figures in the music industry.

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Following a challenging journey, Lil Wayne attained immense success, and the rapper spared no expense in acquiring luxurious items, ranging from real estate to automobiles. Given the significance of jewelry in rap culture, Lil Wayne also amassed a remarkable collection of chains and rings. Join us as we explore Lil Wayne’s multi-million-dollar jewelry collection.

Self-Portrait Gold Pendant

In 2018, Lil Wayne came to the aid of a struggling art student in London by commissioning her to create an 18-carat gold pendant. The student, Joy BC, intricately hand-carved Lil Wayne’s self-portrait onto the pendant and incorporated two teardrop-shaped diamonds, symbolizing the loss of two of his family members, as reported by BBC. Originally aiming to raise $12,000 for her course, the student secured a more lucrative deal through the commission, which was completed and delivered around Lil Wayne’s 35th birthday.

Diamond Lighter

Before Lil Wayne starts rapping a verse, the sound of flicking a lighter has become another signature associated with him. In a video shared by the rapper, he received a gift from his fans: a diamond lighter crafted by Eliantte. The lighter was adorned with crystal diamonds from every angle and featured a cross carved in the center of its body.

Chopard Watch

In recognition of his influence in the music industry spanning over 13 years, Lil Wayne received an extravagant diamond-encrusted watch in 2009 to commemorate his 27th birthday. The Chopard watch was custom-made as a birthday present from Brian ‘Birdman’ Williams, a close friend and business associate within their record label. Adorned with white diamonds, this timepiece set Lil Wayne back over $1 million.

Diamond Teeth

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Lil Wayne spared no expense when enhancing his dental aesthetics with some bling. The rapper didn’t just replace a tooth but went the extra mile, adorning each tooth with diamond braces to make his smile shine brighter. As reported by Complex, he got the grills around 2009, spending $150,000 to complete the entire procedure.

Cuban Chains

Lil Wayne is never seen wearing a singular Cuban chain around his neck as he ensures to adorn multiple necklaces simultaneously. One of his favorites is a chunky iced-out white diamond chain that hangs until his waist. The rapper also has a chain with an ‘OG’ pendant at the bottom.

Chunky Rings

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In addition to the CITA double-sided ring, each ring in the rapper’s collection is rumored to cost at least $135,000. Featuring remarkable carat weights, Lil Wayne owns a selection of clustered band rings made of both white and yellow gold. These rings also include a striking round statement rock in the center, drawing attention with their dazzling appearance.

Diamond-Encrusted Headphones

Seated courtside at an NBA All-Star game in 2012, Lil Wayne showcased his trademark fashion sense as a spectator. Sporting a cap and his iconic glasses, what stole the show were his remarkable headphones. Draped around his neck were a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones adorned with diamonds worth $1 million, as reported by MTV. Lil Wayne wasn’t the only rapper to possess these headphones, as rapper SkyBlu was also seen wearing them during the Super Bowl that year.

In addition to his extravagant headphones, Lil Wayne is known to possess a diamond tennis bracelet in his jewelry collection, which he may wear as a part of his everyday attire. Over the years, the rapper has steadily acquired new pieces of jewelry to commemorate special occasions and his influence on the music industry. He continues to collaborate with Eliantte to incorporate more custom-made jewelry into his collection.