TATTOO TIPS: All things you must know before getting a chest tattoo, especially the second one

The chest area is one of your largest canvasses when it comes to body components (second to your back, of course). Because there are so many different, smaller sublocations to pick from, it makes a very popular location for a new tattoo.

Now, some individuals decide to fully utilize this expansive real estate — we’re looking at you, Pete Davidson and Justin Bieber — and choose to cover every square inch of the area with ink. Then there are those who would rather only have one or two spots on their chests tattooed, such as the collarbone, the area along the sternum, or the pecs on either side of the ƅгеɑst.

A chest tattoo has the advantage of being a conversation starter if you choose to display it, even if this area of body art is simple to conceal under a T-shirt. Jazmin Paulino, a tattoo artist at Fleur Noire Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York, tells POPSUGAR that a chest tattoo is typically one of the first things people have on their bodies depending on the season. Therefore, be ready for attention.

There are a few things to think about if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo on your own chest. Because of this, we asked Paulino to outline everything you should know prior to your visit, including the discomfort level and cost of chest tattoos (and everything in between). Scroll down for more.

What to Consider Before Getting a Chest Tattoo

Since we’ve already said that this tattoo placement is more noticeable than others, you might want to take that into account if you work in more formal settings.

Stick to a simpler or smaller design in certain situations so that it can be covered up throughout the workweek. Paulino advises against getting a large chest tattoo if you want it to be concealed. Unless you spend the entire year wearing high-neck shirts and live somewhere where it never gets warm.

Additionally, because it is more visible than, say, your stomach, this area will also be more exposed to the sun. As a result, you should make sure to appropriately cover the tattoo with sunscreen (SPF 30 or above) to avoid any fading.

Best Placements For a Chest Tattoo

The alternatives for tattoo placement on the chest are numerous: above the pectoral muscles, below the pectoral muscles, along the sternum, below the ƅгеɑst bone, spread across one (or both) of your collarbones, next to your rib cage – there are many wonderful places to choose from.

It is entirely up to you the region you select. I really think that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” Paulino asserts. “Make the decision that feels correct for you and your body when it comes to the tattoo’s aesthetics. My best recommendation is to look for a design that complements the unique curves of your body.”

The fact that some places hurt more than others could be a deciding factor in where you choose to live.

How Much Does a Chest Tattoo Hurt?

The quick answer is yes, chest tattoos hurt much more than tattoos on other regions of the body. This is because the skin in this region is often thinner and the space between the muscle and bone is less cushioned. According to Paulino, “many of my clients find [ƅгеɑst tattoos] extremely unpleasant.” “Due to the presence of the collar bone, getting a tattoo on the entire chest is generally considered to be a painful experience. So it’s important to keep it in mind.”

Consider a smaller chest tattoo or a fine-line pattern if you have a low pain threshold to make your session as quick and pleasant as possible.

How Much Do Chest Tattoos Cost?

Like any tattoo, the cost of a chest tattoo will vary depending on a number of various aspects, such as whether you reside in a larger or smaller city (the former of which tends to run higher). Paulino continues, “A variety of factors, such as size, placement, style, specifics, and artists’ charges, affect tattoo prices.”

Larger ƅгеɑst tattoos can cost $500 or more in New York City, where Paulino is based. No matter where on the chest it is, a little tattoo with little to no intricacy can cost closer to $100.

How to Take Care of a Chest Tattoo

The secret to a speedy healing process is to carefully adhere to the aftercare recommendations made by your tattoo artist. In addition to following your tattoo artist’s recommendations, Paulino advises that you wear sunscreen, keep the region wet and hydrated, and properly care for your tattoos after your session.