Taylor Swift, 14 years & 14 boyfriends: ‘Hunting’ all A-list stars and beautiful ending with unexpected people

On February 19, the entertainment world received hot news Taylor Swift engaged with boyfriend Joe Alwyn after 5 years of dating.

On February 19, the entertainment world received hot news Taylor Swift engaged with boyfriend Joe Alwyn after 5 years of dating.

It can be said that this is the longest love affair of her “Snake King”, because in the past, Taylor often made the public stand still with countless noisy love stories. It is worth mentioning that the former love of the singer born in 1989 are all Hollywood A-listers, but now she has decided to share a house with her secret boyfriend, her career is much less prominent.

Returning to Taylor Swift’s 14-year love affair, fans are overwhelmed not only with the name of the boyfriend, but also the drama behind it.

Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift has been dating Joe Jonas since July-October 2008. At that time, Taylor made the public “surprise” when revealing Joe actively broke up with her with a 27-second phone call. The beauty kept a bitter attitude when she mentioned Joe many times on television, but then the two reconciled and kept their friendship.


Lucas Till

After Joe, in March 2009, Taylor “fell in love” with Lucas Till – the guy who played in the MV You Belong With Me – the song that helped the female singer become famous worldwide. However, this love affair lasted only 1 month.


Taylor Lautner

Thanks to co-starring in the movie Valentine’s Day, the couple with the same name Taylor fell in love and started dating. The two spent the whole fall of 2009 together, only to break up again in regret. At that time,  Taylor Lautner was popular thanks to the movie  Twilight, that’s why the couple’s love story got more attention.


John Mayer

Having just broken up with the “Wolf”, Taylor continues to love John Mayer. Perhaps this is the person who makes the singer unforgettable, because even though she has been dating for only 2 months, she has a sad song dedicated to the famous actor with sad words called  Dear John. Taylor revealed that it was the other party who took the initiative to break up, the reason being because the age difference was too big (15 years old). Notably, John later responded harshly: “As a musician, I find it a cheap type of composition.”


Cory Monteith

The goddess of the Hollywood music industry was once allowed to date the star  Glee  for 1 month, but the two have never confirmed it. It can be said that Taylor and Cory are extremely beautiful and have an extremely large fan base.


Jake Gyllenhaal

By October 2010, Taylor made social media explode when he revealed a photo of him dating actor Jake Gyllenhaal. However, like every other love story, Jake was the one who took the initiative to break up with Taylor, the reason being said to be the age gap (10 years old). The source said: “Jake told Taylor that this relationship was not going to last. Taylor was extremely upset and hurt, she didn’t understand what she did to make Jake ask to stop the relationship. again”.


In response to Jake, Taylor decided to write the song  We Are Never Getting Back Together  to Jake. Not stopping there, the singer also re-released the song  All Too Well  mocking Jake with a 10-minute version. Netizens all think that even though Taylor has a new boyfriend, she still can’t forget her old love.

Adam Young

In Taylor’s old love collection, Adam Young (Owl City) is the least noticeable name. The two are said to have been dating for a month, Taylor’s song  Enchanted  is her message to “Chu Owl”.


Chord Overstreet

Another  Glee  boy “falls in love” with Taylor, this time Chord Overstreet. The couple was seen together to watch a hockey game, but after a very short time the two were no longer together.


Eddie Redmayne

It seems that Taylor is very interested in dating actors. Between October 2011 and January 2012, the singer is said to have had a good time with her Oscar-winning actor friend – Eddie Redmayne when auditioning for the role in the movie  Les Miserables.


Zac Efron

Out of  Glee  and  Les Miserables actors, Taylor Swift is said to be dating the male god  High School Musical – Zac Efron. According to the disclosure, the couple has been together for about a month, but everyone tries to deny the rumors.


Conor Kennedy

One of the best boyfriends of the singer  Bad Blood  is Conor Kennedy – grandson of US Senator Robert. F. Kennedy. At that time, Conor was only 18 years old and a high school student, and Taylor was 22 years old. The couple has many lovely dating moments, unfortunately after only 3 months, both have gone their separate ways.


Harry Styles

After Conor, Taylor had another noisy love story with the famous peach singer Harry Styles. The couple was spotted dating from December 2012 to January 2013. Although they have only been together for a month, Taylor and the One Direction member have many sweet images together. Even the popular vocalist wrote a song dedicated to the guy called  Styles.


Calvin Harris

Experiencing many short-term love affairs, Taylor first had a serious and long-term relationship with popular DJ Calvin Harris. The 3 started dating in March 2015, but because of problems in love, Calvin proposed to break up after 15 months together.

However, the drama did not stop there when Calvin once criticized Taylor fiercely, humiliating the female singer. At that time, a song called “This Is What You Came For” by Calvin and Rihanna aired, “storming” all over the charts. According to information,  Taylor is the one who composed the hit song, but the couple did not release it because they were afraid that the love story would attract more attention than the song.


Taylor used the pseudonym “Nils Sjoberg” to credit the songwriting, Taylor’s representative also confirmed this information to be true. Unexpectedly, Calvin on Twitter clearly said in black and white: “I am the one who writes the music, produces the song, arranges it and adjusts the vocals, she is the one who composes the lyrics and sings a bit”.


Then the hit DJ got really mad: “It hurt me when Taylor and her crew used this trick to make me look pathetic. I think if you’re happy in your new relationship, then you are. should focus on it, instead of trying to bring down your ex-boyfriend”, “I know you’ve finished the tour, and you’re trying to find someone new to bury like Katy. But I’m not that person, I’m sorry. I don’t allow that. Please focus on the positive aspects of YOUR life, because you already have a great life.”

Tom Hiddleston

After a humiliating breakup with Calvin, Taylor quickly went on a date with “Loki” Tom Hiddleston. Both have a short love story lasting 3 months, Tom and Taylor’s extremely sweet travel photos are constantly being updated. It can be said that when in love with Tom, Taylor does not hesitate to express her feelings in public. However, in September 2016, the two broke up.


Joe Alwyn

Finally, after 13 relationships, Taylor Swift officially fell in love with actor Joe Alwyn. No one would have expected that this is the handsome man who holds Taylor’s heart for so long. The couple has been dating for 5 years, started their love story in early 2017 and kept their relationship a secret the whole time. On February 19, 2022, the media reported that Taylor and Joe were engaged after half a decade together. Perhaps after many storms, Taylor Swift has finally found her destination.

Now, the 33-year-old female singer has become much more mature and mature. Taylor Swift no longer wants to race emotionally with the hot boys of showbiz, instead, she is aiming for a peaceful and stable life with the one she loves. Joe has always been by Taylor’s side in difficult times, inspiring her to compose and always silently supporting the popular vocalist. That’s exactly what Taylor really wanted.

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