Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran: Let’s be friends, can’t make music together, because…

Yeah, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are so close, but when it comes to collabs, we'll have to watch it again...

Taylor Swift  and  Ed Sheeran  can be considered as one of the “soulmate” couples in music. Their friendship for each other is so great that the two have an implicit contract with each other: if both remain single until the age of 30, they will marry each other.

But of course, that fairy wedding never happened, but the two still maintain an extremely close relationship. Not flashy, pompous but full of sincerity, in Hollywood it is not easy to find a couple like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.


Ed and Taylor are the right pair of friends when their music careers are constantly going up. Albums with impressive sales and chart achievements, singles “breaking” the world music scene for stadium tours with revenue of hundreds of millions of dollars…

I thought that when these two best friends got together, that song would definitely be an earthquake hit on the chart when Taylor Swift alone had 8 #1 Billboard Hot 100 songs and Ed Sheeran also had 1 #1 hit. . But no, looking at the achievements of the collabs between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, the two fandoms can only beg: let’s be friends, not make music together… Don’t believe it?


The first is the song  Everything Has Changed  released in 2013 with a melodious melody. The two main actors in the MV also have the same features as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran in real life. Despite being especially loved by fans,  Everything Has Changed  also modestly stopped at 32nd place on the Billboard Hot 100.

Next, in the dark album  Reputation,  Taylor Swift continued to invite Ed Sheeran to contribute in the song  End Game. With a catchy, but unfortunately, ‘End Game’ melody, End Game  also modestly stopped at number 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

And most recently, the song “The Joker And The Queen (remix)” also marks the third time Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have collaborated on a song. The Joker And The Queen (remix) is the 4th single from Ed Sheeran’s album = (Equal) . And like the two senior songs, this song only reached #21 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In general, all are not too low positions, the quality of the songs is also very good, but really not worthy of the names of the two artists participating, do you admit it? ? It seems that two big names with a collab in the song make the song “heavy”, difficult to climb the chart…

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