Taylor Swift and Rihanna ‘Tweedledum and Tweedledee’ on the Billboard Hот 100

Some of the songs that debuted in Taylor Swift’s Top 10 last week have cooled down and returned to the position of familiar hits that were holding steady before the tracks on the “Midnights” album appeared.

The latest chart results for this week’s Billboard Hot 100 have finally been released after a week of anticipation by fans of both Taylor Swift and Rihanna. Accordingly, “Lift Me Up” – the soundtrack song “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” marking the comeback in the music of the voice of “Umbrella” has debuted at No.2 for the first week with 48.1 million plays. radio broadcasts, 26.2 million streams and 23,000 downloads. This is Rihanna’s 32nd Top 10 song, and also the first time in 5 years since she featured in “Wild Thoughts” – DJ Khaled in 2017. Accordingly, the female singer is still in the Top. The 5 artists with the most products achieved this achievement after Drake (59 songs), Taylor Swift (40 songs), Madonna (38 songs) and The Beatles (34 songs).

During the past week, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Taylor Swift or Rihanna would be the winner of the Hot 100.

The person standing in the way of Rihanna from the top spot is none other than Taylor Swift – the singer who made history last week by becoming the first artist to release 10 new songs on the Top 10 Hot 100 at the same time. This week, “Anti-Hero” continues to have another consecutive week dominating the chart thanks to 35.5 million streams, 37.6 million radio plays, and 17,000 downloads. Along with the highest position, Taylor Swift has 3 other songs remaining in the top 10 rankings this week: “Lavender Haze” – No.6, “Midnight Rain” – No.7 and “Bejeweled” – No. 9. All of the above tracks are from “Midnights” – the album that has just brought in its second week at No.1 on the Billboard 200.

The remaining rankings are the return of hits after 1 week of being pushed out of the top 10 positions. Former “Unholy” Champion – Sam Smith ft. Kim Petras rose 8 places to reach No.3, Steve Lacy with “Bad Habit” also returned to No.4. Meanwhile, “As It Was” – Harry Styles jumped 11 places to No.5, “I Like You (A Happier Song)” – Post Malone ft. Doja Cat climbs 9 steps to regain No.8. Finally, “Super Freaky Girl” – Nicki Minaj from outside the Top 20 last week entered the Top 10 today at No.10.

This week’s Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 results.

Selena criticized for claiming ‘Taylor Swift is her only friend’

Selena Gomez’s statement about her friendship with Taylor Swift caused a series of fierce controversies for allegedly ignoring Francia Raisa, who once donated her kidney to help her cure Lupus.

On November 3, Selena Gomez released a documentary called My Mind & Me. The film gives fans a close, honest look at the female singer’s life since becoming a star. It is worth mentioning that when sharing with Rolling Stone magazine to promote the documentary, Selena Gomez said: “I never fit in with a group of stylish girls who are celebrities. The only friend. The best in my industry is Taylor Swift.”

That confirmed, Selena Gomez considers Taylor Swift to be her best friend in the entertainment industry. But before that, the US media had many articles honoring the beautiful friendship between Selena Gomez and actress Francia Raisa. The two were close friends when Francia Raisa donated her kidney to Selena Gomez in 2017. At that time, the Lose You To Love Me singer had problems with Lupus.

It was Selena Gomez’s words that sparked rumors that she abandoned her close sister, even implicitly shaking off the help of the person who donated her kidney. So much so that actress Francia Raisa even left a meaningful comment “How interesting” on a post with pictures of Selena and Taylor Swift. Currently, the actress has also unfollowed Selena Gomez on Instagram.

The online community also reacted harshly to that ungrateful act of the female singer born in 1992: “Helping things to repay, helping people to repay rеᴠеngе”, “Life. Just because you consider someone your best friend doesn’t mean that others are too”, “A girl just wants to get attention from others”… Many people even think that they have noticed her fake face. Disney star for a long time, now has the opportunity to rеᴠеal.

After being criticized, Selena Gomez apologized for not being able to mention all the names of close acquaintances. Selena Gomez’s apology shows that she only considers Francia Raisa as a normal acquaintance, not showing the level of intimacy with the person who saved her life. Many rumors show that the friendship between the two has ended since 2019 when Francia Raisa no longer made the move to wish the female singer a happy birthday. But it was Selena who denied this news when she actively spoke up: “I can’t express how grateful I am to her.”