Taylor Swift: ‘Be like a snake, only аttаck someone if you are trampled’

Taylor Swift will officially over 30 years old and to welcome the great things that await her ahead, the female artist has frankly shared 30 things she has learned before reaching 30 on the cover of Elle magazine.

The article about Taylor Swift has just been published by Elle magazine. Here, the cult star confided many things to her fans, saying: “Whether your 30s are good or not, I want to share my life lessons with everyone.” . Taylor affirmed, “It’s already 2019 and sharing is caring”.

“According to my birth certificate, I will turn 30 this year. It’s a bit weird because part of me still feels like I’m 18, another part looks like I’m 283, but the truth is I still 29″. Taylor Swift opened the sharing. Surely there are many friends, especially girls like her, trying to hold on to the age of 29 before reaching the “top 3”?

One of the lessons that the talented female artist wants to send to everyone is to stop hating the extra fat on your body and fighting back when someone bullies you can also be simple. It’s like learning how to laugh.


In addition, Taylor opened up about her fear of going on tour since the surprise bombing in Manchester in 2017 and how the fear of subsequent violence has seeped into her private life. “Websites and tabloids have written and posted all the addresses I have owned. You will encounter stalkers trying to break into your home and prepare for the worst. Every day I try to remind myself of the good side of this world, of the love I’ve seen and my belief in humanity.” Perhaps this is the way to help her overcome the anxiety and panic that surrounds her.

Taylor also just revealed the cancer has returned to her dear mother. “Both of my parents suffered from this horrible disease and now my mother is fighting it again. I have learned that there are practical problems to be solved before anything else. My mother’s cancer is a real issue that I have to take care of.” The serious illnesses her family suffered from taught her to devote all her worries and prayers to them.

In the article published on the website of Elle magazine, she also gives many other life lessons. For example, knowing how to separate yourself from things that are not worth it on social networks. Social media sites are great, but they can also be annoying at times.

Currently, she has locked comments on her posts on Instagram. “That way, I can both update my life with friends and fans, and train myself to ignore other people’s approval of how I look.” Or another thing she learned is that sometimes being too sweet with someone can get you in trouble. “Be like a snake, only attacking someone when stepped on,” advises the “king snake” lady.

Taylor Swift also learns to make some simple cocktails and loves to cook. It’s also a fun way to make yourself happy that you should try. “I learned that I have friends and fans who don’t mind if I cancel the show. They were there in my worst moments and now they’re still here, taking care of me and music is one of the things that lifts me up… I will never forget the people who were always there for me.”

Now also admire the beautiful photos of the 29-year-old girl who is about to turn 30 – Taylor Swift in Elle magazine!







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