Taylor Swift composed a ‘proposal hymn’ in just 1 hour because her parents objected her love?

This hit has brought Taylor Swift's name to a new level.

For many fans Taylor Swift, Love Story is the bridge that brought them to her. Love Story is a cult hit that changed her career forever, helping Taylor Swift be named “The Real Princess Of Country”.

After 13 years of release,  Love Story  still shows its charm despite its time even being mistaken for another new song, even though it has been released for more than a decade. Considered a “proposal hymn”,  Love Story  was penned and composed by Taylor in an extremely difficult but equally interesting situation!


The 17-year-old country music princess is extremely beautiful in the image of Juliet

The story is that when we were teenagers, our Taylor had a crush on a teenage boy. Her parents vehemently objected to this love affair which made Taylor very angry, went into the room and locked the door. About an hour later, the female singer came out with a newly composed song called  Love Story.

Perhaps at that time Taylor also did not expect, the song that she composed within an hour while angry would become a “proposal hymn” as it is now. It’s true that Taylor Swift, writing “rebellious” but also making a big hit, her talent has been proven very early here.


Taylor Swift’s parents with their superstar daughter

For those who do not know, Taylor Swift’s father at the age of 17 is also very “what and this”. With a romantic beauty like a movie star, no wonder Scott’s father has such a temperamental and talented daughter. At the age of 17, he was a hot boy of the school, probably many girls at that time were crazy about Taylor’s father.


So handsome without “sunstroke”, it’s a pity!

Comparing the story Taylor wrote in  Love Story, the love story  Romeo & Juliet  that she wrote is very similar to what this truth is told. The heroine of  Love Story  fell in love with a young man and was scolded by her father. In an interview, Taylor shared: “I went through this situation when I was in high school and saw that boyfriend every day”.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s  Romeo & Juliet , but Taylor Swift didn’t accept the tragic ending of this love, and was angry at her parents forbidding love, Taylor Swift decided to write one. happy ending to Love Story.


A scene from the Love Story MV

“It’s one of the best love stories, but it’s also a tragedy. So I thought why don’t we create a happy ending, put an important change in the song and turn it into a marriage proposal?”, voice Lover said. In addition to wanting the story  Romeo & Juliet  to have a happy ending, Taylor Swift also wants herself to have a happy ending in love.

13 years have passed, Love Story is still one of the best country music love monuments. The song is the launch pad for Taylor Swift’s glorious career today. Once again thank you to Taylor’s parents, if mom and dad didn’t object to her teenage love story, would we have good music to listen to now?

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