Taylor Swift creates a series of fr𝔦ghtеn𝔦ng records that only ‘Miss Americana’ can do

Taylor Swift and 4 years out of scаndаIous drama: Career thought to be submerged, on the contrary, sublimated with a series of records only "Miss Americana" can do!

The most serious scandals of her career will make Taylor Swift unable to get up. But after 4 years, she has eloquently proven that no one can fall “Miss Americana”!

On March 21 (local time), the scandalous phone conversation between  Kanye West – Taylor Swift  about the song “Famous” in 2016 was suddenly leaked online. Thus, after 4 years, the truth has been clarified, the girl who was assigned the two words “poisonous snakes” by everyone has been vindicated.

Immediately, the clip cut from the documentary “Miss Americana” was widely shared by Swifties  (fan community Taylor) across social networking sites. This segment will surely take away the viewers’ tears because Taylor Swift appeared with a lost face, completely devastated by the massive attack from netizens. And at that time, she was forced to hide for a year to calm her spirit.

Then when everything is exposed, let’s look back at the 4 years Taylor had to live in criticism, constantly being called “snake”. She thought everything would engulf her career since the brutal summer of 2016. But no, Taylor always knows what to do and definitely don’t let anyone have a chance to beat her!

2016: Hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty trended on all fronts, netizens dropped the “venomous snake” icon a lot

After Kanye West released the music video for “Famous”, there was an image of Taylor Swift in an almost nude position with shocking lyrics:  “I made that b*tch famous” (I made that ** famous myself) sound), Taylor Swift quickly objected to the content of the song.

However, at that time, Kim Kardashian  shocked the entertainment industry when she posted a series of videos on Snapchat to prove that  Kanye West had really consulted  Taylor through the obscene lyrics in “Famous”.


Immediately, the female singer responded to Kim Kardashian’s video:  “Where is the video of Kanye telling me he will call me “**” in that song? It really doesn’t exist because It never happened. You can’t control how other people react when they are called “**” in front of the whole world. I wanted to like that song.

I also wanted to believe Kanye when he told me. that I would love that song. I want the two of you to have a close friendship. Kanye promised to play the song for me, but he never did. Although I wanted to support Kanye during that phone call. but you can’t “pass” a song you’ve never heard of. To be slandered as a liar when I haven’t heard the full story or haven’t heard the song is reputational damage. would love to stay out of this story, which I have never asked to be a part of, since 2009 (the incident where Taylor was snatched by Kanye on the VMAs stage)”.


And then what does Taylor get? Support? No, at that time, Taylor’s explanation inadvertently turned her into a two-faced person in the public eye. Since then, the vocalist “Blank Space” has faced a series of days of vehement boycott, many fans turned their backs, and the nickname “queen snake” with this dangerous animal icon appeared all over the site. social network and can be considered as the biggest “mass bullying on social networks” in Hollywood.


And then in the end, Taylor decided to let go of everything, without explaining anything more and “disappearing” from the entertainment industry to the gloating of so many people…

2017: Return with pride with “reputation”, the year’s best-selling album featuring venomous snakes

In August 2017, Taylor suddenly released the “Look What You Made Me Do” MV chain, marking an amazing comeback when she decided to “makeover” in the “poisonous snake shape” that everyone called her during the time when the drama was full. The work is well done not only in terms of images and techniques, but also contains many messages that kick the enemy. And of course, the Kanye West – Kim Kardashian couple is indispensable!

“Look What You Made Me Do” MV – Taylor Swift

This first shot also officially opened the series of terrible sweeping days of the album “reputation”, the most mysterious and creepy comeback in Taylor’s career. The proof is that in just 1 week, “reputation” has reached more than 1,216 million copies and became the best-selling album of 2017. Not only that, “reputation” has also received positive reviews from many critics. Rolling Stone magazine commented on the album as follows: “A profound aspect of pop music, Taylor Swift has had the greatest album of all time, she is trying something so new…”.

2018: “Reputation Stadium Tour” established a series of great achievements, reaching the highest revenue in US history

In 2018, the “king snake” decided to temporarily suspend the production of music products and work hard on tour. The journey of the “reputation Stadium Tour” starts in the US from May 8 to October 6, ends on November 21 in Japan and is always sold out.

According to Billboard magazine,  Taylor Swift also officially broke the sales record in the US market since Billboard Boxscore started recording and statistic data about the tour from 1990 to present. Specifically, in the US alone, the  “reputation Stadium Tour” grossed $266.1 million and more than two million tickets were sold. Thus, Taylor also broke her own record for the highest grossing tour in the US by a female artist.


And yet, the “reputation Stadium Tour” ended with 53 shows, helping Taylor bring in $ 345.7 million with an audience of up to 3,000,000, pushing the total revenue to $ 935 million. And also in 2018, the vocalist “Shake It Off” excellently received all 4/4 nominations at the American Music Awards, including the biggest award “Artist of the Year”.

2019: The album “Lover” was released, continuing to shake the world music industry and honored to become the “Artist of the Decade”

In early 2019, Taylor Swift received the first award of the year in the Grammy’s most influential pop music category. After that, she continued to be named by The Guardian with the title “Queen of Pop”. Next, Taylor Swift was also named in three other honorable lists, including “Top 25 Most Influential Celebrities in the World” by Time magazine, “World’s Most Admired Artists” by YouGov. and topped Forbes magazine’s top 100 highest-earning stars.


In particular, this is also the year that marks Taylor’s return with her seventh studio album “Lover”. This musical era continues to bring Taylor to a series of brilliant successes and victories at many big and small awards ceremonies. Among them, at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, the star born in 1989 not only took the spotlight but also thickened her music career when she received 3 wins, including the most important award “Video”. of the year” for the “You Need To Calm Down” MV.

This makes Taylor the only artist to have touched the “Video of the Year” award twice in the past decade. Previously, the huge blockbuster “Bad Blood” also helped the owner of the hit “Shake It Off” win this category for the first time at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.


Coincidentally, 2019 is also the year marking a decade since Kanye West “gratuitously” snatched Taylor’s mic right at the VMAs. At that time, when Taylor Swift was about to give a speech while accepting the “Best Female Video” award for the “You Belong With Me” MV, Kanye West suddenly ran up to the stage to grab the mic, trophy and drop disrespectful words to Taylor Swift.

This is considered a huge shock for the voice of “Mean” and that moment will never be forgotten in the memory of a girl less than 20 years old. So now, exactly 10 years since that fateful day, the innocent singer never needed to say a single sentence, she was ready to give the whole stage and give the microphone to another man to help her share. share meaningful things for life and the LGBT community.


Not only that, at the American Music Awards 2019, Taylor Swift continued to “bump” with 6 awards, including the most prestigious award “Artist of the Decade”. In addition, at the Women in Music event organized by Billboard, Taylor Swift was also honored as “Woman of the Decade”. This is enough to see Taylor’s extraordinary talent and bravery when operating for 13 years in the music industry, isn’t it?


2020: The world is overturned, #KanyeWestIsOverParty trending around the world, netizens simultaneously stand up to protect Taylor Swift

After nearly 4 years of suffering the biggest bully in Hollywood, all the facts about the drama between Taylor and Kanye have come to light. Immediately, Swifties quickly demanded justice for the idol for being unjustly suspected for a long time.

The content of the recently leaked dialogue shows a completely different perspective from the old story, that it was Taylor Swift who clearly expressed her displeasure when Kanye mentioned the lyrics about herself. Taylor has made it clear that she doesn’t like being called “b*tch” in the lyrics.

Besides, Taylor herself also talked about how she would think more and have not made a decision after Kanye West asked. Here’s a polite reply from Taylor Swift’s side. Completely opposite to Kanye West’s “script” in the past, Taylor Swift “turned around” when she heard and agreed with the song  “I made that b*tch famous”.

In just a few hours, the hashtag #KanyeWestIsOverParty (Kanye West is over) has been pushed to #1 trending worldwide on Twitter, enough to know how much public interest in this issue is. Besides, hashtags similar to #TaylorToldTheTruth (Taylor told the truth) and #TaylorWasRight (Taylor was right) are also trending, expressing the fan community’s outrage at a truth that has been covered up. covered for the past 4 years.


For many people, four years is not a very long time but for Taylor it is a journey to prove her integrity and dedicate herself day and night to music. Perhaps when vindicated, Taylor was not gloating at all because the whole thing happened in a too grim way. And most of all, fans just want her to always keep the flame with music and bring true values like the way she has always done.

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