Taylor Swift deserves to be a ‘real estate queen’, the most expensive one is 25 million USD

What's so special about Taylor Swift's mansions?

There is no need to say much about the popularity and wealth of  Taylor Swift . In 2019, Forbes  announced the ranking of the highest-earning stars, and “country music princess” ranked first with an income from June 2018 to June 2019 approximately 185 million US dollars.

Taylor is also known as a “real estate mogul”. She owned 8 huge mansions all over the US when she was less than 30 years old. So what’s so special about Taylor’s villas, let’s explore!


Taylor Swift is one of the richest stars in the world


List of 8 mansions of Taylor Swift

1. Nashville Condo

This is the first apartment she bought at the age of 20 in Nashville for about 3 million USD. Although compared to other apartments, this place is quite small with only 300m2 but it is one of her favorite places. The entire interior is designed by Taylor Swift. Through the glass wall she could enjoy the romantic landscape of downtown Nashville.


2. Greek Revival Estate

A year later, she continued to buy a mansion in the city of Nashville. This villa has an area of 520m2, designed in Greek Renaissance style, behind the garden there is a swimming pool and a living room of 186m2. According to  Trulia , this villa costs only 2.5 million USD – it is her cheapest villa.


3. Penthouse in Tribeca

In 2014 in New York, Taylor Swift applied her knowledge of the real estate field to spend $ 20 million to buy two penthouses with a total area of 771 square meters. After that, she renovated into a large house with extremely lavish and splendid interior decorations.

The kitchen and living room are all in yellow and red tones, extremely magnificent and very warm, with her style.


4. Neighboring Townhouse

In 2017, she continued to buy a 4-story house nearby with a 100-year-old history. With an area of ​​nearly 478m2, the house is designed into many rooms including a gym, sauna, movie room, bar and living room with an estimate of up to 12.5 million USD.


5. West Village Apartment

In 2018, Taylor Swift continued to buy a house on Tribeca Street. This house is quite small, worth about 18 million USD.


6. Estate Mansion in Beverly Hills

This is a beautiful old house in Beverly Hills that was purchased by Taylor Swift in 2011.  Vogue Magazine  used to come here for an interview. The house is decorated with all kinds of musical instruments.

With wooden colors, the room exudes warmth, idyllic but no less noble and classic.


7. Beverly Hills Estate

It can be said that this villa is her most expensive real estate block with the price of 25 million USD. The whole campus is designed in an extremely “lemongrass” style with 7 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, including a swimming pool, private cinema, tennis court and swimming pool.

Because this villa has a long history, Taylor Swift decided to keep most of the decorations, both classic and elegant. The main white color combination with wooden decorations brings a cool and airy feeling.


8. Rhode Island Beach Villa

This mansion was built in 1930 at the highest point of Watch Hill, 700m above sea level. The total area is 1110m2, including 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 8 built-in fireplaces and a swimming pool behind. She often gathers with her close friends and plays here.


Taylor Swift really deserves the title of “real estate tycoon”, perhaps what many of her fans are wondering the most is where will she buy a house next?

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