Taylor Swift got a 19-year-old girl suffered a COLLAPSED LUNG?

Karlee Kluck, 19, suffered from a collapsed lung after becoming too excited about the singer’s tour announcement

A Taylor Swift sᴜper fan claims she was left so excited over the singer’s tour announcement that she suffered a collapsed lung, which landed her in the ER.

Karlee Kluck, 19, has been a die-hard ‘Swiftie’ for 16 years, so when sister Averee shared the latest tour news, she started to plan for what date she’d get tickets – but her excitement soon became so overwhelming that she found herself writhing in рain and rushing to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a collapsed lung.

The day Karlee was told about the tour, she recalled how she spent the whole evening blasting her favorite Swift songs, singing and dancing along, when she noticed a sharp рain in her chest.

The following morning the рain increased, with Karlee finding it difficult to breathe, so her mom Vanessa took her to hospital where doctors delivered the shocking diagnosis.

Although the fan claims it was her excitement that caused her lung to collapse, according to medical experts, there was likely a pre-existing condition or trauma that caused the condition to occur.

She said: ‘When I heard the tour announcement, I was extremely excited and started freaking out, in a good way.

‘The rest of my night included me blasting Taylor’s music and dancing around my house while screaming the lyrics.

‘After I was done, I noticed a рain in my chest but didn’t think much of it so went to bed.

‘The next morning, I woke up to a worse рain and shortness of breath, so I immediately went to my mom and told her of the рain.

‘She’s a nursing student so she listened to my lung and heard a wheezing sound. We packed up and left for the hospital immediately.

Karlee’s lung collapsed in November the previous year and she has experienced random bursts of рain since.

After numerous tests and x-rays, as well as a check on her heart, doctors confirmed she had a slight Pneumothorax, or a collapsed lung.

She continued: ‘At the hospital the doctor ordered a chest X-ray, lab work, an EKG and took blооd for a D-dimer test to check for clots in my blооd.

‘I was also hooked up to an EKG to make sure my heart was functioning properly and after about 20 minutes, the doctor came and informed me I had a slight Pneumothorax.

‘Thankfully it was smaller than my first one, so my doctor ordered me to be put on oxygen in the hope it would inflate my lung.

Karlee left the hospital to return home for some much-needed rest, but come night, excruciating рain had returned, and she was back in the еmеrgеncy room.

She added: ‘Normally a pneumothorax of this size wouldn’t be something to be extremely worried about but since this is my second one there’s more concern.

‘The doctors all agreed some sort of procedure will need to be done to prevent this from happening again, so I was sent home with instructions to take over the counter medication and to sleep upright.

‘I’m now out of hospital but have appointments to explore possible procedures.’

Was excitement the cause of a sᴜper fan’s collapsed lung? The signs that point it may have been something else

  • A collapsed lung occurs when air enters the area between the chest wall and the lung, also known as the pleural space.
  • Air in the pleural space builds up and then press against the lung, causing it to collapse.
  • Medical conditions such as asthma, pneumonia, COVID and lung cancer can cause a lung to collapse.
  • A collapsed lung can also be due to blunt force trauma, flying that involves drastic change in air pressure and drᴜg use.