Taylor Swift is the wiser version of Kim Kardashian?

Greed, greed, control and pretense, is that the nature of Taylor Swift?

If Kim Kardashian is the most scandalous and richest woman in Hollywood, then Taylor Swift also seems to be on her way to becoming a more intelligent version of Ms. Kim.


Taylor Swift today has a scandals life no less than “queen” Kim Kardashian.

The two powerful women of the American entertainment industry seem to have nothing to do with each other, but if you look closely, they both have intelligence, are media magnets, and they also have personalities. .. not pretty at all.

Kim Kardashian version… smarter

Kim’s domain is reality television, she is famous for her own sharp head and … old fox mother Kris Jenner.

Kim’s first strategy is to stick together anytime, anywhere with her friend Paris Hilton. Then, thanks to the “accidentally” leaked sex tape, Kim emerged as a phenomenon, gaining momentum with the release of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

And so far, Hollwood has a “scandalsing queen” named Kim Kardashian, whose everything around her or what she does can be on the news.

However, if Kim’s promotion path is somewhat cheap (shock, sex) and “lucky”, then Taylor outlines a much clearer strategy.

A few years ago, Taylor Swift emerged with the nickname “country music princess”. Since the beginning of fame in 2006, the singer has built herself a princess image with long golden curly hair.

People always remember the image of Taylor wearing a vintage dress, light makeup, and boots on stage. It is worth mentioning that this “princess” title is only because Taylor always carries… the guitar, and her music is really country music or not, let’s analyze it again.

The strategy that Taylor outlined from the first day she entered the US entertainment industry was a “detour”: attacking the land with few competitors first to take the No. desire.


Taylor Swift of the “country music princess” era.

It is not difficult to understand when Taylor chose country music to start her career, where she will meet fewer opponents. Also because there is no country “blood” in people, Taylor music is always a hybrid between pop and country.

Because of this “half-season” but very popular in this scandals, Taylor Swift’s songs quickly won the hearts of many young Americans.

Along with that is a series of awards. Even thanks to the blurred line between country and pop music, Taylor received nominations that were not in her main category.

Once she gained a foothold in the country music scene, Taylor confidently removed the shell she created. From her 2012 album “Red”, her transformation was dimly seen with songs like “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, “I Knew You Were Trouble”.


After acquiring the land of country music, Taylor entered the process of tearing apart the delicious pop cake of the American music industry.

In 2014, prior to the release of her album “1989”, Taylor announced that she would officially say goodbye to country music and return to her true self: pop music.

1989″ was born as a picture of Taylor’s life, from a girl in boots holding a guitar singing country music living in Nashville to becoming a wealthy and powerful female singer in magnificent New York.

Writing here, have you understood Taylor’s strategy? Taylor’s sharp and calculating head has helped her step by step “capture” the American music industry like that!

Love for fame, love for money: Taylor is inferior to Kim?

Have you ever wondered, a star with a clean lifestyle, good-looking face, and talent for writing music is off the table like Taylor Swift has as many antifans as “bad kids” like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber .. .?

After a series of scandals with a (long) list of exes, or with her once close Katy Perry, or a show of power by the “Taylor’s BFF”, there is no doubt: Taylor has became one of America’s most hated stars.


Taylor’s ambition is boundless.

The mask that Taylor Swift wore from her time as a gentle and simple “country music princess” was slowly removed by herself.

What makes Taylor Swift likened to the white version of Kim is the boundless ambition for fame and fortune. Greedy, controlling and fake, those are the three adjectives that haters always give her.

If not greedy, why does Taylor Swift issue concert tickets up to 30,000 seats, while other singers are only 10,000 at most?

It is also said that only greedy Taylor goes… copyrighted the lyrics, which are nothing unusual or special. She even refused to release music through popular systems in the world, but only released exclusively on Apple Music.

It’s also only the type of person who likes to control others who asks close girlfriends to dress like this and not to overshadow her on stage.

While the modern generation of young stars is living with too much emotion, Taylor is the one with the most sober and cool head. What is Taylor’s personality like that she fell in love and broke up with dozens of men in less than half a decade?

Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus… are all inundated with passionate love, and Taylor, she loves a lot (people) but has never had a love affair as memorable as other stars.


Is all love “sincere” equally?

When she broke up, she didn’t suffer for too long. Taylor always blames the other party, badmouths her ex and identifies herself as a victim, and then joyfully puts love stories into songs.

Boom! More albums are sold, her private life is always in the spotlight and people never stop talking about her, her level of polish is better than the queen of the scandals Kim Kardashian, right?

There is no denying that Taylor’s mind is very calculating, but all relationships around Taylor always carry the smell of benefits and money.

Close friends? It’s just the famous girls who like to pull factions and eat each other’s popularity. If not, why does model Lily Aldridge keep saying in the newspaper that she is Taylor’s best friend, but Taylor’s side has never said the same thing?

Taylor’s boyfriend? See, those are the hottest guys in the entertainment industry. It’s not easy for Taylor to “let go” of such people. Taylor is dating someone who immediately has a team of photographers who take very beautiful pictures to be featured in the newspapers.


Taylor always likes to control things around her.

She is also the type of woman who always considers everything to be the norm. Even the smallest things around, just “deviated” from Taylor’s way of thinking, will immediately be attributed as wrong, as treason!

For example, the row with Katy Perry. A very trivial story: 2 dancers moved to Katy’s side due to a pre-existing contract, so Katy considered it normal.

But according to Taylor’s way of thinking, it is betrayal, bad play. Just that one thing that Taylor made a big deal about, composed a song for Katy, pulled the faction to boycott Katy?

Taylor is always afraid of her loss, always receives but does not want to give. The scandal with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris proves that there are ghosts when going at night.

Calvin wrote a song for you, you know what that feels like? The hashtag “TaylorSwiftIsOverParty” is on the top trend of twitter, have you seen the “tick” yet?


#TaylorSwiftIsOverParty (Taylor Swift’s party is over) has become the most talked about sentence on Twitter in recent days.

When she first broke up with Calvin, even though she knew the public would hate her, Taylor still openly dated Tom Hiddleston publicly.

What is her purpose? Simply put: when you’re not on tour, when you’re not releasing a song, what do you do to get attention?

Taylor always thinks she is so important that a day of not being in the newspaper is frustrating, so she always has to create scandals to attract attention.

In general, all relationships or events in Taylor’s life are offered for money or to buy fame for herself. After all, Taylor Swift only loves herself.

And if compared to the queen of the scandals Kim Kardashian, the things Kim likes to put on the newspaper go around from beauty, round 3 to family matters. Compared to Kim, Taylor is definitely much more cunning!

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