Taylor Swift only advises ‘one thing’ who wants to be a good singer, 100% you guessed wrong!

Are you ready to listen to Taylor Swift's advice, future singers?

Advice for someone who wants to be a singer? It is true that there are many advices and suggestions for anyone who dreams of holding a microphone, but let’s listen to the opinion of one of the most successful artists in the world music industry right now? It’s none other than  Taylor Swift, but Taylor Swift’s advice sounds strange to everyone…

Specifically, in 2016, Taylor Swift had a memorable interview with Vogue magazine. The interview is titled  73 Questions With Taylor Swift (73 questions with Taylor Swift). True to the topic, the reporter will ask everything about Taylor Swift within the limit of 73 questions while the singer takes the reporter on a tour of her luxurious villa.


What advice does Taylor Swift give to anyone who wants to be a singer…

Specifically when the reporter asked:  “What advice would you give to anyone who wants to become a singer?”, Taylor Swift had an answer worthy of going down in “history”: “Hire a law good teacher”. Well, it’s not about singing well, dancing beautifully, composing well, passionate about flowing, … with Taylor Swift who wants to become a singer, the first thing is to get a good lawyer!

Taylor Swift’s implication is too clear: a singer needs a good lawyer to advise closely on terms, contracts, … to get the most benefit from her side. In addition, in legal disputes about music copyright, about the salary, about the signed contract, … there will always be a person to take charge in a professional manner.


As an artist constantly involved in lawsuits (as well as going… suing others) over music copyright, Taylor Swift must have understood the need for a team of lawyers to accompany the artist. The above advice is indeed truer the more you think about it.


Also remember, this is 2016 time, then Taylor Swift must have been extremely aware of the legal issues of her music products as well as having a good team of lawyers – but in the end, she was still “lost”. ” all studio albums to Scooter Braun a few years later. Repeat to see how Scooter really has “higher hands” than Taylor!


Taylor Swift took precautions but in the end still lost all hits to Scooter Braun.

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